Google Drive Pricing Revised

The cloud storage niche is becoming increasingly competitive and all players are doing whatever they can to stay ahead of their rivals. One of the main aspects is price, and this is where companies can get creative and show everyone that they’re on the offense. Google stepped into the market as well almost two years back, and Google Drive is now one of the widely used cloud storage services. Crediting […]

Yahoo Announces Partnership With Yelp To Improve Local Search

A few weeks back it was rumored that Yahoo is going to partner up with Yelp in order to bolster its search product. That rumor has turned out to be true. Yahoo officially announced its partnership with Yelp today, as it looks to improve its search offering. Now when anyone uses Yahoo Search to look up local businesses in the U.S., the results will include reviews, star ratings and business […]

Google Search Results Undergoing An Experiment

To sustain products used by hundreds of millions of people, companies continuously need to work on things that they can improve to not only generate more revenue but also enhance the user experience. Google Search is Mountain View’s crucial product, it has made the company into the behemoth it is today, so obviously it receives due attention. You might have noticed something off with Google Search results these days, its […]

Popcorn Time Is The Netflix Equivalent For Pirates

Downloading copyrighted movies via torrents is illegal, which we’re sure many of you guys are well-aware of, although admittedly that hasn’t stopped many from continuing to do so, which is why services like Netflix are pretty popular because it means that users won’t have to wait for the delivery of their DVD or Blu-ray since content can be streamed directly. Interestingly enough it seems that even movie streams can be […]


Google Introduces Add-Ons For Docs And Sheets

Today, Google announced the launch of add-ons for Google Drive. These are new tools created by its developer partners to add more features in Google Docs and Sheets. Users working on documents and spreadsheets can access these new add-ons to take advantage of a plethora of features that aren’t available in Google Docs by default. To get an add-on, all users need to do is head to the menu of […]

Twitter Goes Down

After Facebook, Twitter is the most widely used social network. Hundreds of millions of users around the world use the microblogging network to share 140 character tweets. It has established itself as an important source of news too, so its purpose goes far beyond simply chatting with your friends. Twitter users have been left stranded as the service has gone out for “most users,” the microblogging service has revealed on its […]

Facebook Pages Get A New Design

Facebook today announced that it is rolling out a new design for Pages. For those who don’t know, Pages are essentially public profiles for brands, celebrities and businesses. The new look of Facebook Pages is based upon the simplified Timeline design that was rolled out for the social network’s mammoth user base last year. It aims to be clean, simple and easy to read. Facebook wants to make it easier for […]

House Of Cards Coming To Comcast Xfinity Store Sans Netflix

Not too long ago Netflix stepped into production of original content, and it scored a massive win with House of Cards. This Emmy winning series stars Kevin Spacey as a ruthless Congressman who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and the best thing about it is that Netflix releases all episodes of the season on one day, so fans can binge for as long as they want. Naturally, […]

Google Apps Referral Program Offers $15 Per New User

They say sharing is caring, a quality often found in humans. If we find something amusing or interesting, most of us like to share it with our friends, family or people we really want to bring in on it. Google hopes that existing Google Apps users would spread the word about the internet search giant’s productivity suite, which will in turn bring more users. Its not just relying on worth […]

Facebook F8 2014 Is On April 30th

Developer conferences are a great way for the company to show off what it has been working on. Often at these events some of the biggest announcements are made, while developers, journalists and analysts get to see what a company has planned for the future. Facebook’s developer conference has gone by the f8 moniker, and the last time it was held was back in 2011. The world’s largest social network […]

Instagram May Have Struck $100 Million Ads Deal

Its no secret that Instagram has been building up its ads platform, after all, Facebook would want to see it generating revenue on its own. While it has been quite a few months since the company started pushing ads, even if just on a trial basis, into users’ feeds, Instagram may just have inked its first major advertising contract. The folks at Ad Age report, citing people familiar with the matter, […]

Google’s Eric Schmidt Believes They’re Sufficiently Protected From Government Spying

Back in 2013, the NSA’s Project PRISM was one of the bigger tech scandals as it implicated several big tech companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Apple as working together with the NSA to allow spying and gathering of information on their users. Naturally the companies denied this, and Google themselves were outraged that the NSA had somehow managed to hack into their system which led to tech companies meeting […]

Europol Warns That Data Theft On Public WiFi Is On The Rise

Public WiFi is great if your mobile internet is either too slow or if you’re reaching your data cap, or if you want to download a big file without eating into your data plan. However we guess it does not come as a surprise that public WiFi isn’t exactly the most secure WiFi that you can connect to, right? While that might seem like common sense, it seems that data […]

Vine Updates TOS, Pornographic Material Will No Longer Be Allowed

There are plenty of pornographic websites out there, and a quick search on Google will yield pages upon pages of results. However it seems that there are some folks at out there who prefers getting their sexually explicit material from not-so conventional sources, such as Vine. We guess this is not surprising given that other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been found to play host […]