Want to drink from your bicycle’s saddlebag as though it were a camel (sans bumpy rides, of course)? You’d do well to check out the VelEau Bicycle Hydration System, where it is capable of transforming your bicycle into a portable water reservoir of sorts. It is interesting to note that this is actually a tool pack of sorts that is mounted ot the rear seat, where it can carry around 42 ounces of life giving water that can be accessed through a frame-routed tube system, which ends up in a tethered valve that is held securely to the handlebars thanks to the magic of magnets. Seems similar in some way to those backpacks that have a straw going all the way to your mouth, letting you get a quick sip in without keeping your hands off the handlebars. Out later this July (makes sense since it would be the sweltering summer here), the VelEau Bicycle Hydration System can be your next bicycle accessory for $79.99.

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