Verizon To Begin Throttling Heavy Unlimited 4G LTE Users In October

07/25/2014 -- While most carriers have done away with unlimited data plans, there are still many users out there who are on grandfathered plans, meaning that their carrier is honoring their earlier contract with the customer, even though the service/feature is no […]

Wico6 Looks Like An iPhone, Runs On Android

07/25/2014 -- More than meets the eye – that should be the exact phrase that is connected to the Wico6, a smartphone that comes right from clone hell itself. After, what looks somewhat like an iPhone ought to operate in a manner […]

AT&T Announces Amazon Fire Phone Arrival

07/25/2014 -- The Amazon Fire phone was officially announced last month, and this time around, AT&T has made it known that the mobile carrier would be offering the first smartphone from Amazon to the masses. In fact, the Amazon Fire happens to […]

Japan Has Selfie Stands Installed In Popular Spots

07/25/2014 -- How far has the selfie phenomenon caught on? Pretty far, especially when you take into consideration how selfie became the word of the year in 2013, not to mention selfies being considered as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric […]

Samsung Shoots Sunrise To Sunset Film On Galaxy S5

07/25/2014 -- The mobile phone has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced to the market a few decades ago. From the advent of text messaging, moving to the introduction of color displays as well as Bluetooth connectivity, it […]

Nokia Lumia 930 Charged Using Apples And Potatoes

07/25/2014 -- When it comes to charging your smartphone or tablet, most of the time we do not need to think twice when doing so – just plug the charger into any available wall outlet, and ensure that the other end is […]

Alleged Moto X+1 Photos Leaked

07/25/2014 -- There has been much said about the rumored Motorola Moto X+1, where it has been touted to continue from the existing Motorola Moto X, not to mention rumored to having been spotted at Google I/O. In fact, if all of […]

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Goes On Sale Today

07/25/2014 -- It was slightly more than a month ago that Sprint announced the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, citing that this particular smartphone will go on sale today – the 25th of July. Well, here we are now, and true to their […]

Woman Delivers Baby With Help Of An App

07/25/2014 -- “There’s an app for that”, or so the saying goes, and it could not ring any truer for Louisiana resident Andrea Johnson alongside her husband James, as the two of them managed to text message a doctor in order to […]

Huawei C199 Certified By TENAA

07/25/2014 -- Huawei has seen their Honor H60 hit the TENAA website earlier this week, where TENAA happens to be the China equivalent of our FCC, as consumer electronics devices have to go through a certification process in order to make sure […]

Xiaomi Mi4 SIM Tray Made Out Of Steel

07/25/2014 -- Xiaomi, the fast rising smartphone manufacturer from China, announced the Xiaomi Mi4 earlier this week, touting that the Xiaomi Mi4 is tough as nails since it is made from premium steel for its chassis as well as frame. Apart from […]

Verizon Moto G Earns Android 4.4.4 KitKat Wings

07/25/2014 -- It was at the start of this week when we brought you word that an Android 4.4.4 KitKat soak test for both the Moto X as well as Moto G on Verizon kicked off, and I would suppose that everything […]

Pantech’s Rumored Pop Up Note Has Phablet Aspirations

07/25/2014 -- While most of us might be familiar with South Korean brands like Samsung and LG, there are a few more others that might not be as familiar in the US. One of those brands is Pantech and while the company […]