Internet radio is currently a big thing, and you are not just limited to 10-20 radio stations anymore. You can easily select thousands of radio stations from all over the world, and listen without any need for adjusting an antenna to get better audio.

Access to so many radio stations and ability to stream it with customizable options, your appetite to listen to your favorite music and shows, just doubles. However, we are not always sitting in front of our PC to stream Radio stations, but skipping on your favorite shows isn’t an option either. In such situations, recording all your favorite radio stations is a good option to listen later. Here’s how to do it. Read full post →How To Record Internet Radio (Windows)

When it comes to VoIP Services, Skype offers robust features. You can easily make, Audio calls, Video calls, Group Calls and even talk to a foreign person in their own Language! However, even with all the amazing features, it still lacks a really important (and somewhat basic) feature: Call Recording.

There can be tons of reasons why you may like to record your Skype conversation. We make many important calls quite frequently, such as, Interviews, Calls for specific instructions or even podcasts. As Skype doesn’t offer Recording feature, we are bound to get help from third-party softwares.

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It is quite common practice to upload all your important data on Email services in order to use them when required. This is quite handy, you can easily access the information and you will not have to worry about protecting a physical storage device. However, it seems we are forgetting that mistakes and accidents happen all the time, even if it is a Cloud service.

If you are depending on email services such as Gmail for all your important emails and data, then it is time to reconsider. You never know when your account may get terminated, glitched or hacked!

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Your Android phone can store a lot of data and your private data as well. The most common data which you may like to keep private is your “personal” photos. If you have any photos in your phone that you may not like anyone seeing, then it is better to hide or password protect them.

You never know when you may have to give your phone to someone else or show someone family photos and accidentally end up showing your “Private” photos. To save yourself from such embarrassments, it is better to hide or password protect all your private photos today.

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Video-recording your Android screen might sound like an easy task, but it is actually quite to do, without the proper know-how. Unlike Windows, Android doesn’t really makes it easier for the developers to just create a feature-rich android screen recording app.

Screen recording apps available on the Google Play Store mostly require you to root your phone, and most of them are paid apps. Even if you do find a free app, it may still require root access and will be very limited when it comes to features. Read full post →How To Video Record Android Screens (Free + No Root Required)

Protecting your sensitive data from prying eyes is extremely important, which is why most of the programs that collect your data come with password protection. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Windows, there is no built-in password protection feature for Windows.

This is why, many of us try to use different tricks to hide folders and files in Windows, such as, mark them hidden, hidden under a different name and using command prompt to fool people into believing the Folder is protected. Read full post →How To Password Protect a Folder (in Windows)

Microsoft office makes it very easy to copy and paste content, including text and images. With all these basic copy pasting feature, it also provides the ability to copy and paste formatting of text and even drawing objects.

This feature can be extremely handy when you need to apply the same formatting to another area of your document. Otherwise, you will have to manually look for what kind of formatting is used in a single paragraph and then apply them same in another. Read full post →How To Copy Formatting in MS Word

To access the main settings of your router, you need to provide a Router IP address. The address is not unique for every router, but still there is no universal router IP address either. The good news is, you can easily find your Router’s IP address right inside your PC without going nuts.

The router IP address is different from your Private or Public IP address. However, your router ip address can be easily found right inside your PC where all other network information is available.

In this Tutorial, we are going to show you two different methods to find your router IP address using your PC. You can use the one that seems easier to follow. Read full post →How To Find Your Router IP Address

In Windows, drivers basically allow hardware and external devices to communicate with the PC. They provide commands and without them, those devices will never work properly. The type of driver that you need depends on the device you are attaching, and each device or hardware has its own required driver.

The good thing is, drivers are (almost always) completely free, and you can download them whenever you like. However, the process of finding and downloading each required driver can be a tedious task. And it’s possible that a new driver may introduce new bugs, so having an older one can be handy. If you have a new PC, then most probably you will not have a drivers CD, forcing you to go through the finding and downloading process – which is annoying. Read full post →How To Backup Windows Drivers

Although, most of the programs don’t require any kind of special permissions, but still, there are times when you need to run a program as a administrator to start. This may also include using some specific functions of a program that may require you to run them as administrator.

These programs most probably need to access your system files that Windows locks to prevent any damage. However, most of these programs are harmless and are just doing their job. But still, be careful about which program you are running and why they need to access such files. Read full post →How To Run a Program as Administrator (Windows)