app requires net 3.5 3.0 2.0If you are reading this page, chances are that you have been trying to run an application that is asking to have .NET 3.5 or older, going back to 2.0. The good news is that .NET 3.5 (what is .NET by the way?) can handle all prior .NET versions, so you only need to install it once. The bad news is that the installation will sometimes fail and while the problem is largely documented, the solutions are sparse and many don’t work. I have bumped into this problem myself with a fresh Windows installation, so I wanted to share how I got out of it. I’ll go through many possible fixes for this, from “easy”, to the more difficult one. Read full post →Solved: How To Install .NET 3.5 On Windows 8

Remote Desktop is probably one of the most used feature in the IT industry to manage servers and provide technical support to the end-users. From one physical location, Remote Desktop allows an administrator to take control of any workstations or servers anywhere, as long as the equipment is online. There are a lot of options available, the most popular are, MS Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), VNC, Teamviewer,, GotoMyPC and LogMeIn. Although, LMI was a good option until they discontinued their free version.

Part of the Google ecosystem, Chrome Remote Desktop is worth a look for its simplicity to setup and it is widely supported. Although not all Operating Systems and devices can host the CRD service, anything that runs Chrome should be able to connect to another computer hosting the CRD service. Read full post →Use Chrome Remote Desktop To Access Your Computer

gmv 2014 medium box 300x250

There are a few software options to stream content to the TV, just to name a few, XBMC, Windows Media Center and MythTV (Linux based). As cool and functional as they are none of them support remote streaming as Plex Media Server does. It is based on a client-server architecture or act as a middle tier server. The content is centralized and served from the Plex Media Server within your local network as easily as from a remote connection over the internet. Moreover, Plex clients are not limited to PCs or laptops, there are Plex app for the most popular mobile platforms and streaming devices.

Let’s get started. Read full post →How To Install Plex Media Server

With the emergence of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks and laptops, there is an insatiable need for content. The obvious source of content is our personal movie DVD library. All that is needed is to convert the DVD content into some sort file format with playback capabilities. The process is known as DVD ripping, capable of extracting an 8GB DVD content into a 800 MB file with little to none quality loss. It can also be customized to fit the playback device, iPod, iPad, Android tablet screen format. Read full post →How To DVD Rip With HandBrake

A few years back we noted that the iPhone 4 was Flickr’s most popular camera, but as we’re writing this article the iPhone 5 has since claimed that crown, and the 5S is on track to claim top spot. With the popularity of the iPhone as portable camera, it’s important that you know how to backup your photos from your iPhone.

This guide is written based on iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.9.3 (Mavericks), and Windows 7, but it will work for older versions of OS X, along with Windows XP and Windows 8. Read full post →iPhone Photos Backup: Effective & Simple Options

The purpose of using a Dynamic DNS service is to map your WAN (or Public) IP address to a name. A domain name is easier to remember and it is not affected if your WAN IP address changes, unless you signed up for a business account which offers static public IP address.

Dynamic DNS is a service, mostly free, and there are quite a few of them available. One option would be to just Google for one but I wanted to make sure that the service is supported by my router.

router support ddns

List of Dynamic DNS providers supported by my router.

I have a paid account with, DynDNS was a popular choice until they quit offering their free service early April 2014. I randomly settled with “”. Read full post →How to Set Up Dynamic DNS

A Static IP address is a requirement if some hardware within your network act as a “server” or a “resource”.
Every devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) connected to a network has a unique address, known as IP address. The IP address has two components, the Network ID and the Host ID. Let’s look at the most common IP address schema on a home network, Class C,

ip address

Class C IP address construction

The 16 bits Host ID allows for a maximum of 256 IDs (0 to 255) on the network. However, “0” and “255” are reserved and at least one ID is going to be used by the router, “1”. As a mini spoiler here, when assigning a static IP address, only the “Host ID” is affected. Read full post →How to Setup a Static IP address

If you are considering hosting services (web service, FTP service, game server) on your home network computers accessible from the Internet, then port forwarding is a prerequisite. Port forwarding, also called port mapping, is a networking process, NAT/PAT, to allow a remote computer, from the internet, to be redirected to a port listening on a private network where a service is running. Read full post →How To Setup Port Forwarding

iphone low battery webThe iPhone is undoubtedly an extremely powerful handset, but one of the main weaknesses of modern devices is the lack of battery life, and the iPhone is no exception.

Apple itself has provided some useful tips and tricks on how to squeeze more battery life out of your iPhone, but we want to further expand on that and hopefully give you a better understanding of how you can keep your phone humming along.

Depending on your familiarity with iOS and smartphones, some of these might seem like common sense, while some seem like a great new idea. As long as it helps, we’re happy. This guide is written for iOS 7, but most of it will apply to previous versions of iOS too. Read full post →iPhone Battery Life: Improve That Lifespan or Percentage Easily

do not pick up web
We’ve all been there before. Whether it’s an annoying telemarketer or a friend that you’ve decided to give the silent treatment to, there are times when you want to block someone from contacting you. The good news is that Apple has added the ability to block callers in iOS 7.

This guide is meant for users running iOS 7 and above, but if you’re running an older version of iOS, we have something for you in the FAQ below too. Read full post →iPhone Callers Block: How To Keep Unknown Callers Out