While doing some web development, I needed to have Memcached (source code) installed on my local machine to closely simulate what was going on my server. I develop under windows, and realized that installing meme Memcached isn’t as straightforward as it is on Linux. There are actually quite a few people who ask about how to do it, so I’ll give you a couple of good options. Here’s how to install the caching system on Windows. Read full post →How to Install Memcached On Windows

2013-outlookOutlook (2007 to current) has started to give me security warnings about an application that wanted to access my email and contacts (it’s called programmatic access). The message reads:

A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected, click deny and verify your antivirus software is up-to-date. For more information about email safety and about how you might be able to avoid getting this warning, click Help.

The first thing I did was to deny it, but the dialog would come back right away and basically blocked me from using Outlook and it is pretty alienating.

Outlook did not provide any clue whatsoever as for which app or plugin was responsible for this, so that was a bit infuriating. My research showed that it also happens routinely with other version of Outlook as well, so here’s are a few ways of getting rid of that irritating message, without compromising security. Read full post →How To Stop Outlook’s Security Warnings

Android’s “Factory reset” option is perfect for use when you are having issues with your phone or just want a completely clean phone to start with again. However, one of its main uses is to delete all data before getting rid of your phone, whether to sell it, give it to someone or just throw it away. Read full post →How to Wipe An Android Phone (Completely)

You are browsing normally and out of no where a window pops up and you go “what the…? …Why would I need to take a test to prove I am smart, I already know I am Awesome!! Click the close button”. And that’s how a Pop up just wasted 7 seconds of your beautiful Life.

No one is a fan of a Pop up ad, even browsers recommend to block pop ups from websites.  They are annoying and waste time, although sometimes you do get an attractive offer, but in most cases they are just plain annoying.

If you are tired of them, then it is time to block them in your particular browser. All browsers come with the ability to block pop ups, you just need to make sure it is enabled.  In this tutorial, we are going to address all Major browsers, you can just see instructions for your particular browser. Read full post →How To Block Pop Ups

With the advancement in technology and the dominance of internet, privacy is becoming one of the major issues. We are giving up information of our current activities with our own hands, and don’t even know how this information can be used against us. Even if people try to hide their private information, it gets leaked somehow as there are just too many ways to give up this information.

Geotagging is just one piece of the privacy invasion puzzle for smartphone users. It comes as a Camera app feature that is available on almost all new smartphones. It will add the current location where the photos are taken along with data and time stamps and embed it within the photo. This combined with the ability to share photos online so easily, you get a huge privacy breach.

The good news is, like many other Privacy breaching features you can also block access of this as well. You can just disable this feature right in your phone’s camera app and no future photos will have GPS coordinates.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can disable Geotagging feature on most Android phones and also remove Geo tags from existing pictures. Read full post →How To Turn off Geotagging in Android

Windows 7 is definitely the most famous OS in the World right now, so it’s not a surprise if people want to get their hands on it. There can be many reasons why you may wish to download a Windows 7 copy for free (legally). May be you lost the DVD that came with your PC or damaged it, and now you don’t want to spend money on a new copy (it’s not that cheap either).

You can easily download Windows 7 ISO image for free and legally right from the Microsoft website. However, you will need to provide the Product key of the Windows that came with your PC or your purchased.

If you are looking to get Windows 7 and its Product key for FREE, then we are sorry to say, it is impossible to get it Legally. Although, we do have a tiny trick that should help fulfill your appetite temporarily (will discuss later in the article).

Read full post →How To Download Windows 7 For Free (Legally)

Many websites use JavaScript to provide user friendly and attractive web page, instead of a static page. Most of the interactive content you see on many modern websites are added using JavaScript. Although, it can be quite attractive and make it easy to use the web page, but still, it depends on browser’s settings whether you can see this content or not.

JavaScript can be easily enabled or disabled in your particular browser, and by default it is enabled. However, there is still a chance you might have disabled it for any particular reason, such as, slow connection or unnecessary data usage. Security is also quite a concern for some people while using JavaScript, one of the main reasons why people are not a big fan of Java and prefer to Uninstall it. Read full post →How To Enable JavaScript (Major Browsers)

All Android phones come with built-in recovery mode that is separate from the original operating system. The recovery mode is used to access different features of the phone without accessing the phone’s OS. The main function of the recovery mode is to fix the phone while staying away from the faulty OS of the phone. Read full post →How To Boot In Android Recovery Mode

SMS (aka “text”) and Email are the most common means of communication. You can easily send a text or email to anyone if you know their required contact details and it doesn’t cost much either. However, there are times when you want to send a message across these two platforms. You can easily send a text to anyone’s email or email as SMS to any phone and there are many reasons for doing it:

  • Sending to an email address without data access
  • Sending SMS to a phone without paying an SMS fee
  • Sending an email to someone who only has SMS (no email)
  • Sending an SMS from the comfort of your computer

Whatever the reason, we are going to show you how you can send Emails to SMS and vice versa. The process is not difficult, but there are a few things to know. Read full post →How To Send Email To SMS (and Vice Versa)

Screenshots are quite handy when you need to show someone what is happening on your screen. There are also many methods to take Screenshots in Windows making the process even easier. However, there are times when screenshots are just not enough to present what you want to convey.

Screenshots work great when you need to provide step by step instructions, but sometimes you just need to make a movie of a process, especially, a complex one. To make a video of your screen, Windows doesn’t offer any built-in feature unlike Screenshots.

However, there are some third-party tools, both free and paid that will help your make a video of your computer screen. Most of the tools are actually paid, but we will like to introduce a free tool that get the job done perfectly. Read full post →How To Record Computer Screen (Free)