If you’re looking to make movies starring yourself, but you can’t find anyone who’s willing to be a camera man for you, SOLOSHOT might be what you need. This accessory for your video camera will automatically track you moving at speeds of up to 140mph and at distances of up to 2000 feet. In case you’re puzzled at what you’re looking at in the video above, the SOLOSHOT is an automatic cameraman tripod system designed for filmmakers who want to record video footage of the action without needing someone to hold the camera.

All users need to do is put on a waterproof sensor that is attached to an armband. After pairing the sensor with the SOLOSHOT, users can then just start recording with their cameras. The SOLOSHOT will automatically rotate to turn the camera towards the sensor, which in this case could be you or anybody you want to record.

While it’s not exactly cheap, it can be cheaper than paying someone to hold the camera for you, not to mention the SOLOSHOT is less likely to make mistakes or miss a crucial moment. Watch the video above to see the SOLOSHOT’s capabilities and head over to the SOLOSHOT website to pick one up for $479.

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