For those of you who have carefully combed through numerous tech websites as well as purchased tech magazines for reviews on the Amazon Kindle Touch (whether it is the Wi-Fi only version or the 3G model), only to come to the conclusion that this is the tablet of your choice, you are in for a disappointment. Just when you are about to part with your hard earned cash for the Amazon Kindle Touch, it seems that both the Wi-Fi only model as well as 3G version are no longer in stock as a new device, at least in Amazon’s US pages, leaving you with two options; to drop by a retail store or look for hand-me-downs.

We do know that there is an Amazon press conference that will be happening next week which we plan to make good on our invite, so perhaps that has something to do with an upcoming device of sorts, if rumors were to be believed. More light will definitely be shed when September 6th arrives, so you might want to live without a tablet for the moment.

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