“There’s an app for that,” or so the mantra goes in the Apple ecosystem, but what about those of us rocking to the Android platform from Google? Well, check out this particular app known as the Mosquito Buster, where it claims to repel mosquitoes from being around you through the simple act of emitting a high-frequency sound wave that mosquitoes dislike. I am not quite sure just how effective this particular app will be, but the folks over at TABROID were the ones who brought our attention to this particular app, and they tested it during the late afternoon by setting off into rice paddy fields then, looking for the ideal spot where there are plenty of these natural blood suckers around.

The staff at TABROID who spent their afternoon in a mosquito infested paddy field claimed not to have gotten bitten – not even once, thanks to the app running on their smartphone. Apart from that, this app will come with a “kid busting mode” and a “mouse/rat busting mode” that touts to emit sounds which can be heard only by younger people and rats. Is there any need for insect repellents during your camping trips in the future? Yes sir, as you need no batteries to slather a generous dose of insect repellent all over your body.

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