While the Lytro’s light-field sensor represents a major advance forward for imaging technologies, it’s mostly been used by early adopters and tech bloggers at this point because the only way to obtain one was through Lytro’s website. Consumers who would’ve otherwise been interested in the camera could not try it before a purchase. On October 9, it will become much easier to both purchase and put your hands on a Lytro: Amazon, Best Buy and Target will carry the light-field camera in the United States. Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore will recieve retail availability by mid-October.

The Lytro is a simple camera that could potentially change the way we shoot photographs. There’s no focus ring or shutter speed option: there’s only a button to take a photograph and another button to turn the camera off. Focus, and other elements of the photo, can be manipulated on a computer after the photo is taken. Currently, the Lytro comes in three colors and two variants: a red version with 16GB of storage for $499, and your choice of blue or grey Lytro cameras with 8GB of storage for $399. It now supports both Mac and Windows, so if you’re interested in exploring the future of selective focus, there’s no reason not to pick one up when it becomes widely available next month. Or, if you can’t justify the prices for what is currently a bit of a novelty, you can at least go down to Best Buy and check the Lytro out in person.

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