Sure we could always edit our photos on the computer after taking them, but sometimes that’s just an additional unnecessary step if a photograph was taken with the right settings and the right technique. However if you prefer experimenting with your photographs then the new Lensbaby Spark add-ons might be worth checking out. For those wondering what the Spark does, it basically allows the photographer to create a tilt-shift effect where they can choose where they want the focus to be in a photo while the rest of the background is blurred out, or “bokeh” if you’d rather. The lens on the Spark can be swapped out with other lenses from Lensbaby, letting photographers mix and match and come up with some unique creations and with a price tag of $80, it’s not the most expensive camera accessory you can buy and could be worth getting your hands on for some interesting photos. More details about the Spark can be found on Lensbaby’s website along with sample photos and a way to place your order.

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