So we’ve all heard those horror stories where customers spend good money on a certain product only to be scammed where they find rocks in place of their gadgets. Unfortunately something similar happened to a guy named Jalal when he decided to upgrade his Canon 30D to a EOS 5D Mark III which he decided to order from Dell’s website (apparently he is a loyal Dell customer and has a line of credit with them, which is why he went with Dell over companies such as Amazon or B&H). Now Dell is a reputable company and one would never expect to be scammed by them, but as it turns out there’s a first time for everything. Instead of receiving a brand new EOS 5D Mark III camera, Jalal instead received a rather heavy box filled with laminate flooring (pictured above)!

Everything is packaged perfectly and looks great. I cut open the shipping box, pull out the camera box and start to unbox it… what do I find? Wood flooring. Perfectly cut and glued together to fit the compartments of the box. No camera, not accessories, no booklets, nothing. Wood mother effin flooring! […] I call up Dell and explained my situation. They tried to tell me Dell wasn’t to blame because they didn’t ship the item themselves. It was their distributors fault.

To be fair according to the Dell customer service rep, Dell was not in charge of the shipping as they had sourced that to one of their distributors, which later on Jalal had his suspicions that the distributor’s stock of Canon cameras could have been compromised, especially since the box he received was sealed with stickers (online Canon forumers claim that Canon never uses stickers to seal their boxes). In any case this is a pretty lengthy story and if you’d like to read Jalal’s account on the matter, head on over to the source link below. Last we checked, one of Dell’s representatives has gotten in touch with Jalal to resolve the matter.

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