IFC’s Portlandia is currently airing its third season with its latest episode hitting the hearts of nerds around the world.

The latest episode contained a segment where the show addressed the concept of what a nerd is. It starts off with a woman rambling at a bar saying how much she is a nerd because she wears glasses, is into video games and reads comic books “and stuff.”

The segment turns into somewhat of a Nerd PSA that has an actual nerd named Brian P. discuss what it’s really like to be a nerd. Brian P.’s glasses are to actually see, he watches Star Trek: The Next Generation and plays Skyrim.

Brian P. goes on from there to discuss how nerds feel when they see non-nerds say they’re one of them, and expectedly, it’s not in a positive way. Seeing how we cover a lot in the world of tech, gaming and science, we think it’s safe to say you would enjoy this clip from Portlandia just as much as we did.

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