Remember when there were rumors last week that Canon could be introducing a new line of DSLR cameras? While we’re still waiting for an official announcement of sorts, the folks at Best Buy have put up a listing for a Canon camera. Unfortunately it was not stated as to what the camera’s model was, nor were there any photos. However the listing did reveal a certain EOS-b 18MP camera with an EF-S 18-55mm zoom lens. Apart from that there was not much to go on. Could this be the rumored new DSLR that we have been hearing about?

For those who haven’t been following the camera news, there were rumors that Canon was planning a smaller DSLR lineup that would be in between the EOS M range of mirrorless cameras, and the Rebel series of entry-level DSLRs. These cameras are expected to pack the power of a DSLR camera into a smaller body, one that is smaller than the Rebel but larger than the EOS M. It is possible that this Best Buy listing could be it, and if it is, hopefully it is a sign that an announcement could be on the horizon.

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