sun-cloud-camera-xl1The problem with cameras is that they rely on batteries, meaning that if you don’t charge it, or bring a spare battery, you might find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your camera die on you in the middle of the day. If you’d like to prevent that from happening, would a camera without batteries be of interest to you? While it might not necessarily be the most practical or take the best photos, the Sun & Cloud camera does have a degree of novelty value, thanks to its shape and the fact that you have to crank the mechanism by hand in order to power it.

The camera comes with a 3MP sensor and allows users to apply a variety of filters to it. It can also be charged via USB for those lazy to crank it themselves. Like we said, we doubt it will take the best photos but if you’re into lomography, basically non-conventional styles of taking photos, perhaps the Sun & Cloud camera might be worth taking a look at. It is priced at $199 and is available for purchase via AC Gears.

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