Canon EOS M To Come In “Bay Blue” Finish, Designed By Japanese Art Director

canon-eos-mIf you were thinking about picking up the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera for yourself but are bored of the colors it is available in, it seems that over in Japan Canon will be introducing a “Bay Blue” version of the EOS M (pictured above). While this might just be a new color scheme that Canon cooked up, it is actually not and this color scheme was actually put together by famous Japanese art director, Chie Morimoto under the “Travel” theme. As you can see, this Bay Blue version will feature a dark blue Canon EOS M with some brown highlights, presumably to simulate leather or some sort of material. Admittedly it looks a bit more “friendly” and less “boring”, but then again it does just boil down to personal preference. The Bay Blue version of the Canon EOS M will be available come 25th of April although we’re not sure if it is limited to the Japanese market or if it will be available around the world.

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