lexibook-serenity-ultraLexibook of France has had their fair share of netbooks and tablets amongst other devices for kids in the past, and it seems as though the company also wants to cater to the other end of the spectrum, that would be senior citizens and those who are getting on in their age. Their latest outing in the tablet form is known fondly as the Lexibook Serenity Ultra, which is definitely something that you know the hip and happening younger folks would not touch it with a 10-foot pole at the checkout counter. Perhaps they might want to bury it under their mountain of purchases, only to explain themselves to the cashier without being asked that they’re getting the Lexibook Serenity Ultra for their grandfather.

The Lexibook Serenity Ultra will be an Android-powered device, sporting a far simplified user interface for easier navigation not to mention coming with large icon. The 7.9” display is good for 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, where it runs on a dual-core 1GHz processor, has 8GB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot, front and back digital cameras, HDMI and USB ports, and a battery life of up to 5 hours. You will also find custom software such as an app for managing your schedule, language translation, and a digital comic app. After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine? The Lexibook Serenity Ultra is said to cost a whopping 300 Euros in France, with plans for a US release down the road.

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