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Pentax Confirms They Are Working On APS-C Camera And A New Full Frame DSLR

pentax-evangelion-q10While the camera market might be dominated by brands such as Sony, Canon and Nikon, let’s not forget that there are a host of other manufacturers out there who are also looking to make a dent in the market, Pentax being one of them. In a recent interview with PCPop, Pentax’s Managing Director and General Manager of Pentax Ricoh China, Tomoyoshi Shibata, revealed that the company is currently working on a new professional APS-C based Pentax camera, alongside a new full frame DSLR camera that will apparently be different from other full frame DSLR cameras currently offered in today’s market.

We’re not sure how different Pentax’s solution would be to other more mainstream offerings by Sony, Canon and Nikon, but rest assured that as gadget lovers, we are definitely more than interested in finding out! We’re not sure when Pentax’s new offerings will be announced, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information. What do you guys think? Any Pentax fans out there who believe that Pentax has what it takes to steal some market share from the more mainstream offerings?

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