Alleged iPad Mini 2 Case Leaks

ipad-mini-caseWhen it rains, it pours. We all more or less know that it is about time Apple introduced a refresh to their mobile devices, namely the iPhone as well as iPad. Yesterday, we managed to catch alleged leaked photos of the next generation iPad’s back, in addition to a suspected iPhone 5C display and frame, while late last month someone anonymous captured alleged packaging of the iPhone 5C in China. Bear in mind that all the previous leaks have yet to be officially confirmed, and this time around, yet another Apple device would fall under the purview of hardcore fans – with the next generation iPad mini 2’s alleged cases spotted.

The new case was snapped by the guys over at Fanatic Fone, and this new iPad mini case comes with an embedded Apple logo, which is definitely different from what the current model carries – a printed emblem. Well, do you think that the next generation iPad mini 2 is going to perform exceptionally well, or has the Nexus 7 2’s release recently turned the 7″ tablet market’s tide in Android’s favor for the short term? Only time will tell.

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