Amazon announced its Kindle Paperwhite nearly a year ago which the company went through some issues keeping them in stock up to a month after its release, indicating they were either selling like hotcakes at the time, or Amazon didn’t expect demand to be so high. Today, we’re hearing the Kindle Paperwhite is once again out of stock, but it may indicate something entirely different.

The Wi-Fi Kindle Paperwhite is completely out of stock at the moment, although the 3G-enabled Kindle Paperwhite is currently still available, although we’re sure that will change soon. What exactly could this mean? Well, we’re glad you asked. This could easily indicate a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite will soon be on its way, considering it’s already close to being one year old already.

This isn’t something completely out of the ordinary for consumer electronics manufacturers as many dry out their current stock of a particular product if they have a new version expected to be released in the very near future. If you’ve been on the fence whether or not to pick up the Kindle Paperwhite for the last year, then we recommend you stay up on that fence for the next couple of weeks to see if, and when, Amazon announces an updated device.

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