tesco-tabletTesco has certainly come a long way from being a supermarket that carries just about all kinds of stuff that you need for your home and office, to churning out their very own brand name items. In fact, some of their foodstuff are pretty good, too, and here we are with word that Tesco will be working on a tablet of their own. Of course, this is but a rumor, and needless to say, this particular rumor does not hold much weight at all, considering how details about it have been non-existent to date – either that or Tesco has been pretty good at ensuring details about it did not leak out beforehand.

There is also speculation going around that this particular tablet from Tesco will arrive pre-loaded with video, music and e-books, in addition to apps for Tesco’s online shopping, banking and Blinkbox services. Does it make sense for a company like Tesco to roll out a tablet? Absolutely, as it would be in line with what Amazon and Google have already done in the past, that is, to sell extremely affordable hardware that gets the job done, all the while carrying the other covert nature of its existence, that is, to showcase Tesco’s digital content offerings. Who are we to deny the possibility of a 3G variant that will be powered by Tesco Mobile?

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