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We are geeks to the core, but we also talk about electronics in a way that everyone can relate to. We take everything into consideration from design, to user interface to practicality, pricing and competition.We make lists to help you decide what gadgets you need (or don’t). And we deliver live coverage at conferences like CES, E3, Mobile World Congress, CTIA, DEMO and GDC, so our readers can feel like they are there with us. If it’s cool, we are covering it.

And our hard work is paying off: we are a Webby Award Honoree, have been nominees at the Bloggies and voted in the top 100 blogs for PC Magazine and the Hot Site on USA Today. But most importantly, we are reaching out to electronics lovers around the world. Currently, Ubergizmo is distributed in 3 languages and read in 212 countries. Check us out!

Co-Founders & Editors

Eliane Fiolet is the co-founder and editor of Ubergizmo.com where she writes about mobile applications, tablets, design and usability. In her parallel life, she owns a Corporate ID design business that helps companies create great brands. Prior to opening her own agency, Eliane worked for a top design firm, Minale Tattersfield Design Strategy, where she created brands for Fortune 500 companies. She also worked in the video game industry as a designer for an award-winning adventure game. Eliane holds a master degree in visual communication from the “Art Decoratifs” college and majored in mathematics and physics in high school. Email me, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Photo by Hermance Triay

Hubert Nguyen is the co-founder and editor of Ubergizmo.com. He is a retired engineer who programmed special-effects demos such as “Nalu” or “Vulcan. Hubert also managed the developer education program and edited the GPU Gems 3 book. Before joining NVIDIA, Hubert worked at 3dfx interactive. Prior to that, he wrote Assembler code for 3D-Engines in various video games at Cryo Interactive. Hubert started to program 3D graphics in 1991 when he was involved in the underground European DemoScene. Email meTwitter, Facebook, Google+. Photo by Hermance Triay


Edwin Kee: Edwin Loves dabbling with new technology, and subsists on a minimal amount of food with gaming as his main diet. He is currently in love with his Ice Blue DS Lite. He gets his gadget news on Ubergizmo for mobiles – news bytes served in minuscule chunks over a smartphone. Email me

Tyler Lee is a former wireless carrier employee. He loves technology and all the possibilities have always fascinated him. He spends spend too much time in front of the computer, blames World of Warcraft for that. He is huge fan of music and has been known to play at least four instruments to date, although that number might increase in the future. Fight Club is his favorite movie because of the awesome one-liners. He’s a foodie who thought of becoming a chef, but the ultimately preferred tech life. Email me

adnan-farooquiAdnan Farooqui: Adnan is inching toward his law degree with each passing day. He loves technology and loves writing about it even more. He likes to read a lot of books, play golf, travel and watch Formula 1. Email me

Contributing Writers

Michael Nguyen After being our first system administrator (which means that he saves the day when the server goes haywire, hopefully from a traffic spike), Michael now writes reviews and in-depth tutorials at Ubergizmo. He holds a degree in computer sciences with a major in databases. In a previous life, Michael also wrote hardware reviews for a computer magazine. He is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Email me

karsten-lemmKarsten Lemm: Karsten is a veteran journalist currently working for Stern Magazine. He is also a great photographer and occasionally contributes to Ubergizmo from San Francisco. Website, Twitter

Stewart Wolpin: Stewart has been writing about consumer electronics for more than 25 years. In addition to reporting, reviewing and analyzing new products and technologies, he’s also an elector for the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame and is the unofficial historian for the industry. He’s also written two books, neither dealing with technology: “Bums No More: The Championship Season the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers,” and “The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle.” LinkedIn

ravit-lichtenbergRavit Lichtenberg: Ravit is the founder of Ustrategy, a consulting firm that turns technology into desirable products. Ravit has over 15 years of experience, and has consulted to a variety of executives, start-ups, and Fortune 50 corporations. Before launching Ustrategy, she worked as a Customer Experience Strategist at Hewlett-Packard Co. Website, Twitter

International Team

Liliane Nguyen (FR): After graduating law school, Liliane worked as an account manager for a high-profile company. A self-taught computer geek and web site creator, Liliane decided to launch her own web design business. She loves gadgets and technology, so when she had the opportunity to edit Ubergizmo France, she jumped right in. Email me

Javier FloresJavier Flores (ES) is a systems engineer addicted to video games, fan of everything related to Star Wars as well as technology. When is not surfing the net, likes to play soccer and try food from around the world. Also, want to be a Jaeger pilot!

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