People often ask us how they can contribute to Ubergizmo with an article. It’s VERY rare, but sometimes, we do accept 3rd party submissions. If you are reading this page, you are probably interested, so thank you.

What makes a great guest post?

Like every other article, it starts with a desire to genuinely share something that is very informative about a topic that you deeply care about and are very knowledgeable about. Here are some examples.

A great post is also one that has no conflict of interest. While it may be tempting to “plug” one’s own products/services, the article will quickly lose its credibility and become irrelevant. Taking a neutral stance and having the readers interest as the only priority is the only way to go.

There are a lot of great topics to cover, but we found that articles that answers a very specific questions/problem with a definitive solution is the best way to go because it is self-contained and can truly leverage your particular expertise. Tutorials, tips or definitions (what is…) are therefore the easiest to work with.

Giving credit where it is due

We particularly appreciate the time and effort that was put into writing a guest post, so we want to put the author front and center by adding an author photo, short biography and links to relevant pages in a highly visible section of the page. It usually look like this:

leslie grandyLeslie Grandy, named one of the 15 most influential women in social media by Technorati, serves as Chief Marketing Officer for R2Integrated, a digital marketing and technology firm. Previously, Ms. Grandy was the vice president of product development at T-Mobile, where she led the launch of T-Mobile G1 and the company’s iconic Sidekick device. Prior to T-Mobile, she was Apple’s online store director for the Americas. Leslie is on LinkedIn, Twitter

If we don’t have a clear way to establish your identity, you email will most likely be ignored.

Who should not apply?

We’re not interested in “free content” and we are only looking for contributions that genuinely help users.

If you want links or want to promote your own product, it’s best to start your own site.

If we cannot reasonably identify who you are, because your email is and you’re asking to contribute, we will pass on the request. Help us avoid spammers and SEO/Marketing agencies.

How to proceed?

We can’t promise that we will publish a submission, but ideally, you can send us a unique article that is in its final form (with 100% original photo illustrations, or content that you own). Hopefully, we will like it just as-is!

Submission process:

  • Tell us who you are and why people should listen to you, in a verifiable way (scammers and bad SEO folks usually try to stay anonymous). Linkedin pages or Facebook pages may help. Emails from anonymous senders will be rejected.
  • Use your work email if possible
  • Avoid plugging a specific product (to avoid disguised conflicts of interest)


Images specifications:

  • We need 1000 pixels wide landscape images
  • If you have portrait screenshots, you can aggregate two or three to form a landscape image, like this
  • Do not use images you don’t own
  • Contact us at edtitor [at] ubergizmo [dot] com

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