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Tag Heuer’s $6,700 Alligator Skin Android Offering

06/28/2011, Every now and then we come across a Vertu phone, which basically exudes luxury. However apart from its luxurious offerings, such as the use of precious metals and rare stones in its construction, Vertu devices rarely bring anything else to the table. It...

Xperia Play Review

06/27/2011, Xperia Play Review - this complete review of the Xperia Play smartphone goes over its gaming capabilities and titles, but also its smartphone abilities.

Imerj dual-screen Android phone prototype spotted

06/24/2011, The folks over at Engadget recently got their hands on a prototype phone from Imerj and gave it a thorough hands-on preview. The phone packs a dual-screen design that’s reminiscent of the Kyocera Echo that was introduced not too long ago, though...

The InfiniteLoop is one versatile tablet/smartphone stand

06/23/2011, Designed to work with practically any tablet, the InfiniteLoop is one versatile solution that can be used to keep your tablet/phone in an upright position no matter where you are; be it in your car, on your bed, at a desk. The InfiniteLoop is basically a...

Mobile Devices Surpass PCs In WiFi Usage

06/23/2011, Would you be surprised if you found out that more people use their phones for WiFi access rather than their PCs? If you’re not I can’t blame you because frankly speaking, nowadays everyone’s smartphone can do most of the basic functions...

HTC Sensation Review

06/20/2011, HTC Sensation Review - this in-depth review of the HTC Sensation covers the strengths and weaknesses of this phone. It's a must-read for Android users

Samsung Infuse 4G Review

06/03/2011, Samsung Infuse 4G Review - This complete review of the Samsung Infuse 4G covers the strengths and the weaknesses of this big -but light- smartphone.

Motorola blames bad Android apps for 70% of smartphone returns

06/03/2011, In a recent statement made by Motorola Mobility’s CEO, Sanjay Jha, he said that 70% of smartphones that are returned to the company has been due to apps that have affected device performance. Apparently customers who have been unsatisfied with...

NVIDIA Quad-Core Tegra Gets a Glowing DEMO (+Video)

05/29/2011, NVIDIA GlowBall - NVIDIA is demonstrating its quad-core Tegra chip named Kal-El (a reference to Superman) with the Glowball demo. To most users, the tech demo shows, well, a glowing ball that rolls around

Nokia Oro adds some bling to your pockets

05/25/2011, If you think that you would like to bling up your corporate life, then you might settle for a Vertu – if you can afford one, that is. Settling for less can be quite the humbling experience, but still the Nokia Oro ought to be able to do more than...