Ubergizmo is an independent media organization, and we’re sometime asked if our various trips have been sponsored by a company. It’s a fair question, and while most media organization do not disclose this information, we do.

In an ideal world, all tech events would happen nearby, where we could attend and go back to the office to work from the comfort of a desk with a huge display. Having writers wait at the airport and fly around is a drain of time and resources that actually costs money to Ubergizmo.

But it’s good to see things with our own eyes, so when we do need to travel, Ubergizmo pays for the very large majority of our trips. We’ve included the 2012 and 2013 lists below, if you are curious.

It may happen that a company organizes a specific event/conference at a location which is logistically convenient (to them) and chooses to fly and lodge reporters. Basically, it is more economical for the company to setup something near their local headquarters, but far from media hubs like New York and San Francisco (where we are based).

In any case, if we accept to have our lodging/travel arranged by a company, it is under the condition that coverage is optional (we don’t guarantee coverage) and independent (obviously). For transparency reasons, we add a disclaimer within each article produced under such conditions.

Finally, we do not participate in exotic “press tours” where there is more leisure than work.

2014 trips

Nov 2014 – Inter Bee (hosted by the conference)
Sep 2014 – IFA (out of our pocket)
Sep 2014 – IDF (SF, local)
Sep 2014 – CEATEC/Japan (out of our pocket)
May 2014 – Google I/O (SF, local)
Feb 2014 – MWC in Barcelona (partially hosted by Qualcomm)
Jan 2014 – CES in Las Vegas (out of our pocket)

2013 trips

Nov 2013 – ASIA VIP Awards (out of out pocket)
Oct 2013 – CEATEC in Tokyo (out of out pocket)
Oct 2013 – Korean companies tour in Seoul (out of out pocket)
Sep 2013 – IDF, SF (local)
Sep 2013 – Uplinq (travel/lodging from SF to SD covered by Qualcomm)
Sep 2013 – IFA, Berlin (out of our pocket)
Aug 2013 – Microsoft BUILD (local)
Jun 2013 – Samsung Unpacked in London (out of our pocket)
Jun 2013 – E3, Los Angeles (out of our pocket)
May 2013 – Google IO (local)
Mar 2013 – Nokia HQ, Finland (out of our pocket)
Mar 2013 – CeBIT (out of out pocket)
Feb 2013 – MWC in Barcelona (partially hosted by Qualcomm)
Jan 2013 – CES in Las Vegas (out of our pocket)

2012 trips

Nov 2012 – Microsoft BUILD (out of our pocket)
Nov 2012 – Google NYC Event (out of our pocket)
Nov 2012 – Samsung NYC Event (out of our pocket)
Nov 2012 – ASUS NYC Event (out of our pocket)
Oct 2012 – CEATEC in Tokyo (out of our pocket)
Sep 2012 – LG launch in Seoul, South Korea (travel/lodging from SF covered by LG)
Sep 2012 – Amazon in Santa Monica (out of our pocket)
Sep 2012 – Motorola in NYC (out of our pocket)
Sep 2012 – Nokia in NYC (flight from SF out of our pocket, lodging from Nokia)
Jun 2012 – Uplinq in San Diego (travel/lodging from SF covered by Qualcomm)
Jun 2012 – Microsoft Surface launch in Los Angeles (out of our pocket)
Jun 2012 – E3 in Los Angeles (out of our pocket)
Mar 2012 – Samsung Galaxy S3 launch in London (travel/lodging from Paris/France covered by Samsung)
Feb 2012 – CeBit in Hannover, Germany (out of our pocket)
Feb 2012 – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (out of our pocket)
Jan 2012 – CES in Las Vegas (out of our pocket)
Nov 2011 – CES Unveiled in New York (out of our pocket)

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