The Uber10 list is our Christmas gifts suggestions. These gadgets are cool, useful, affordable (less than $400) and desirable for your friends, family or significant other. Happy Shopping!

vx nano soundsticks ii
Logitech VX nano. We’ve noticed that in many cafes, people have great laptops and crappy mice. This mouse is a great gift for your favorite cafe habitué. $50 Harman Kardon Soundsticks II. They look so cool, you forget they’re speakers. I decorate my office with them. $115
ipod nano seagate freeagent
iPod nano 4GB. All iPods sound the same, but this one has the best bang for the buck. $140 Seagate FreeAgent. A great-looking hard drive — and 500GB is the sweet value spot. $180
nintendo wii mio c320
Nintendo Wii. It’s so cheap that you should get one just to see what’s in the box. $230 Mio C320. The sexiest GPS interface at a great price. $250
geforce 8800 gt samsung sc x300
GeForce 8800 GT. Upgrade your graphics card if you want smoother game play. Requires basic PC card replacement knowledge. $260 Samsung SC-300X. This is a great camera for web videos. We use it at Ubergizmo! $290
sony dsc t200 iphone 8gb
CyberShot DSC-T200. The SLR camera is the one you want to keep for yourself, but the DSC T200 model is a perfect gift for your friends. $360 iPhone 8GB. People can’t get enough of them. The iPhone sets the bar higher for the whole industry. $400 (+$1000/yr)
ipod touch
People’s Choice: The iPod touch didn’t make it in the Uber10, but was voted as the 11th gadget by our readers. It could be a great PDA if you hack it after each update… $300

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