The Uber10 list is Ubergizmo’s Christmas gifts suggestions. These gadgets are cool, useful, affordable (less than $400) and desirable for your friends, family or significant other. The uber10 list was unveiled on November 13th during a party held in San Francisco. The event was partly sponsored by Intel and Federated Media. Check out the photos on our FaceBook Fan Page.

Apple iPhone 3G 8GB . The iPhone is the only device that has made it onto this list two years in a row. It is not perfect but it is arguably the most desired phone out there, making it a great gift. We particularly like the new price and the GPS. $199 at AT&T.BlackBerry Bold. The number one complaint about the iPhone is its lack of physical keyboard. That’s what heavy texters and corporate email junkies really want. Search no further: the Blackberry bold has a lot going for it. It’s good looking, has a formidable display and is fast – more reactive than an iPhone, we think. Free after rebate from Walmart.
Lenovo S10 Netbook. Market studies have shown that Netbooks are taking over, driving the PC growth in recent quarters. If you needs are basic (web, email, simple apps) then it will work like a charm. Lenovo made the right technical decisions by offering more storage out of the box. It is also easy to hack. We suggest adding 2GB of RAM for $30. Ultra-portable will never be synonymous of ultra-expensive again. $399 at Lenovo.Livescribe Pulse Smartpen. Taking notes is not the best way to conserve information. Recording audio retains everything, but is a pain in the neck to replay. The Pulse Smartpen solves this elegantly by allowing one to index audio using notes. It does a lot more stuff – check out the website. $149 at Livescribe. Mac version available as a software download on Nov 24th.
Nikon Coolpix S710. The search for the perfect shot is not over, but the Coolpix S710 is a good stop on the way. It addresses two annoying things about compact cameras: it’s good in low-light and it is fast to react. Did I say that the HD movie quality was impressive too? $379 at Nikon.Nintendo DS Lite. When we say that the value is in the software, we mean it. The Nintendo DS game and application library has something for everyone. From arcade classics to educational to web browsing, there’s something for everyone – that’s why it is a great gift. DS Homepage, $130 at Target.
Netflix Player by Roku. Anyone with a Netflix account can hook the Roku box to their TV and start streaming videos from the service – for free. It’s an easy way to make a Netflix user happy. $99 at Roku.Rovio Webcam Robot. Can we get more “gadgety” than this? The Rovio Webcam Robot is your eyes and your ears in your house or office. You control it remotely from a web-interface and once you’re reassured, just click the “home” button and it will go back to its charging dock. $297 at Walmart.
SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player. The Sansa Clip is a great gym companion. You can slip it wherever is convenient, it has FM radio to tune in these TV channels while running and finally, it is compatible with music rental services. From $39.99.Sony PlayStation 3 80GB. Everybody wants to play on the big living room TV. HDTV market penetration is going through the roof, that’s why being a Blu-Ray player gives an edge to the PlayStation 3. Oh and did we mention exclusive games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo? Some game consoles were meant to be in the bedroom, the PS3 was built to dominate the living room. $399 at SonyStyle.
People’s Choice: HP Mini 1000 The HP Mini 1000 has been selected by our readers as being the coolest Uber10 Nominee among this list: Jawbone 2, Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB, Sony PSP, Vudu, Archos 605 WiFi, Logitech Dinovo Mini, Xbox 360. It is thin and thought by many as today’s best looking Netbook under $400. From $379 at HP. People’s choice page

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