eVGA GeForce 7950 GX2 with HDCP support

The eVGA GeForce 7950 GX2 is a well-executed idea that bodes well for gamers who want a decent dual-graphics setup but have come up against problems like the wrong motherboard, a less-than-adequate power supply, a lack of space, and numerous other bumps. The GX2 offers SLI performance on a single slot and is able to handle future copy protected HD-DVD or Blu-ray content with the embedded HDCP crypto ROM. Unfortunately, a high price point of $580 could throw potential buyers off as they can purchase a couple of 7900 GT cards for $30 less. Well, that’s the price to pay for being ahead of the competition. More specs and features after the jump. • Full Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 Support
• Built for Microsoft® Windows Vista™
• NVIDIA® SLI™ Technology
• Important Note: SLI support for the e-GeForce 7950 GX2 will be provided through a future NVIDIA ForceWare driver release, and will only be available initially through authorized system builders.
• NVIDIA® CineFX™ 4.0 Engine
• Full-Speed 128-Bit Studio-Precision Computation
• Transparency Antialiasing
• NVIDIA® Intellisample™ 4.0 Technology
• True High Dynamic-Range (HDR) Rendering Support
• HDCP Support
• 90nm Process Technology
• High-Speed 512-Bit wide GDDR3 Memory Interface
• NVIDIA® PureVideo™ Technology
• Adaptable Programmable Video Processor
• MPEG-2 Decode Acceleration
• H.264 Decode Acceleration
• WMV Decode Acceleration
• Inverse Telecine (3:2 & 2:2 Pulldown Correction)
• Bad Edit Correction
• Spatial-Temporal De-Interlacing
• High-Quality Scaling
• Video Color Correction
• Integrated SD and HD TV Output
• UltraShadow II Technology
• Full-Speed 32-Bit Color Precision
• Normal Map Compression
• Dual Dual-link DVI Support
• Dual 400MHz RAMDACs – Blazing-fast RAMDACs support dual QXGA

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