iOS 15 Could Introduce A Redesign iPad Home Screen
The problem with Apple’s iPad at the moment is that despite the company’s attempts at trying to turn it into some kind of productivity powerhouse, the UI is simply not cut out for it. This is because iPadOS is still based on iOS which was designed with smartphones in mind and not computers.

Brydge 12.9 MAX+ iPad Pro Keyboard Case Launched
Given the size of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and also its performance capabilities, it can in some cases actually act as a laptop replacement. This of course varies depending on what you need from a computer, but for typing up documents and emails, it’s more than capable of doing that, especially with accessories like Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Apple’s New Touch ID Keyboard Is Only Compatible With M1 Macs
Yesterday, Apple announced their brand new 24-inch iMac and alongside the new computer, they also unveiled a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID built into it. The keyboard is currently only available if you buy the new iMac as Apple doesn’t appear to be interested in selling it separately, at least for now.

New MacBook Pros With XDR Displays Launching This Year
Apple’s laptops have been using LCDs for the longest time, but that could change later this year when the company is rumored to be launching new 14-inch and 16-inch models that could feature XDR displays, which is the branding that Apple seems to be using to refer to mini LED display technology, as evidenced in the company’s latest iPad Pros.


2021 MacBook Pro May Ditch The Touch Bar
A few years ago, Apple introduced the Touch Bar to its MacBook Pro laptops. The feature was meant to be a game changer in terms of laptop design and functionality, but it kind of fell flat. In fact, recent rumors have suggested that for future MacBook Pro models, Apple might end up ditching the feature.

Sabrent Thunderbolt 3 DS-TH3C Docking Station Review
More people use laptops as their primary home and work computers. With ultrafast connectivity like Thunderbolt (TB) becoming mainstream, the case for TB Docking Stations has never been stronger. People can now turn their laptops into a fixed workstation with multiple external monitors, vast storage, and even external GPU by connecting a single cable.Important: this dock is a Thunderbolt 3 device, and will not function at a lower speed if […]

Apple Claims They Are Now Selling More M1 Macs Than Intel-Based Models
Late last year, Apple finally launched their first wave of Mac computers powered by the M1 Apple Silicon chipset. This is part of Apple’s two-year plan in which they will make the full transition to Apple Silicon in place of Intel, and it seems to be a strategy that is working out well for the company.

Schematics For Unreleased MacBook Stolen In Ransomware Attack
We know that Apple is working on new MacBook laptops. More specifically, the company is working on a new MacBook Pro that could also sport a brand new design. This laptop has yet to be officially announced, but it seems that there is a chance that the schematics for this laptop could leak online.

Logitech Launches New Combo Touch Keyboard Case For The New iPad Pros
If you’re keen on getting your hands on the recently-announced iPad Pros, then you might also be shopping about for new accessories. Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a good accessory for the tablet, but unfortunately its price does leave quite a bit to be desired, with it starting at $299 for the 11-inch model, and $349 for the 12.9-inch model.

iPad Pro’s New Center Stage Feature Will Be Available For Third-Party Apps
Yesterday, Apple announced their brand new M1-powered iPad Pro. One of the features unveiled with the tablet include a feature called Center Stage. This appeared to be a FaceTime feature that can track the user’s face and allows the camera to “follow” the subject and try to keep them centered in the frame at all times.

Microsoft’s ‘Cloud PC’ Could Be Launching This Summer
Thanks to cloud services, we can access various files on various devices and sync them up with each other. This is fine if you just want to access files, but what if you needed to access software? Not all software is available across multiple platforms, and even then, if they are, some might be limited in terms of functionality.

Apple Continues To Sell 21.5-inch And 27-inch Intel iMacs Alongside 24-inch M1 iMac
Apple recently unveiled their brand new 24-inch M1 powered iMac. However, for those who might not fancy the design, or still prefer to use Intel, or prefer a larger model, you might be interested to learn that Apple is still selling both the Intel powered 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs alongside the new 24-inch model.

Apple’s Brand New iMac Also Comes With A Touch ID Enabled Keyboard
With Apple’s MacBook laptops, the company has actually built-in Touch ID into the power button. This allows users to not only turn their laptops on, but also authenticates them easily without having to deal with passwords. Some have wondered if Apple could extend this to their desktop computers, and sure enough they have.

After Nearly A Decade, Apple Gives Its iMac A Much Deserved Refresh
The last time we saw Apple give the iMac a redesign was back in 2012 where they slimmed the design down of the all-in-one computer. From then, Apple has kept the design and only upgraded the internals. For those looking forward to a massive refresh, it looks like your wish has come true.

Apple’s New iPad Pro Comes With An M1 Chipset, Mini LED Display
Rumors that Apple could make the jump to mini LED displays for the iPad Pro have been circulating for a while, and it looks like the rumor was true. At Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the company took the wraps off its latest refreshed iPad Pro where it not only sports a mini LED display, but also the use of the M1 chipset.

Chrome Makes It Easier For You To Link To Specific Text In A Website
Some of you might have noticed that in the past few months, when you click on search results in Google, it takes you to a portion of the website where the text relevant to your search is highlighted. Google actually introduced that feature back in 2020, although for those who wanted to take advantage of it, you’d have to download and use an extension in Chrome.

How To See Your Game's Frames Per Second (FPS)
Want to see how well your computer is handling games? You can check on this by looking at the FPS (frames per second) that should help clue you in, and if you’re wondering how to do this, you’re in luck as this guide will show you how.

This Is How Apple’s Redesigned iMac Could Look Like
Apple’s Spring Loaded event will be taking place tomorrow and we’re sure that many are excited for it. One of the rumored products that will be part of the event is a redesigned iMac. Apple hasn’t redesigned the iMac for almost a decade, so it makes sense that a redesigned model is on its way.

Microsoft Launches xCloud Public Beta For iOS Devices
While Apple has relaxed the restrictions on game streaming apps and services on iOS devices, it is still quite restrictive in terms of what developers need to do in order to get a streaming app authorized to be listed on the App Store. This is why many have since found a workaround which is by using Safari.

iMac Refresh Expected At Apple’s Spring Loaded Event Next Week
Apple will be hosting their Spring Loaded event next week. The rumors are claiming that the event will most likely see Apple introduce their long-rumored AirTags accessory and also new mini LED iPad Pros and a third-gen Apple Pencil. Adding on to the list of rumored product announcements is the iMac.