Mozilla Issues New Firefox Patch For Zero-Day Vulnerability

Just the other day, Mozilla issued a patch for a recently-discovered zero-day vulnerability discovered in its Firefox browser. Unfortunately, it turns out that was not the only security flaw that the browser had because according to a report from ZDNet, it seems that Mozilla has since released yet another security patch for another zero-day flaw.

MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro Expected To Get Processor Refresh This Fall

If you are thinking about buying a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you might want to hold off because according to a report from IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin, he claims that there is a good chance that we might be seeing Apple update its MacBook Air models and also the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

16-inch MacBook Pro Reportedly Launching This September

According to the rumors, Apple is working on a 16-inch MacBook Pro. We have heard that the laptop could be sporting an OLED screen, but according to a report from analyst Jeff Lin, he claims that Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro might be launching in the coming months except that it will sport an LCD instead of OLED.

AI Used To Study Brains To Help Teachers Improve On Their Lessons

We all learn in different ways, some are visual learners, some are more book learners, some are naturally gifted, while others might take longer to understand a concept. This is why teachers have such a hard job because what they try to teach their students might not necessarily be understood by all of them.


Apple May Bring OLED Displays To Tablets And MacBooks

Apple eventually embraced OLED displays for the iPhone a couple of years ago and many have wondered since if the company would bring OLED displays to some of its other products as well. A new report from South Korea suggests that Apple might be thinking about sourcing OLED display panels for products like tablets and notebooks.

New Microsoft Windows Terminal Download Available For Windows 10

The new Microsoft Windows Terminal was first unveiled by the company at its Build conference earlier this year. It’s essentially an advanced central location which allows users to access the conventional cmd line, PowerShell as well as the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Microsoft has now made the new Windows Terminal officially available for download today.

Google Has Reportedly Given Up On Tablets

There have been no new tablet products from Google this year and many might be wondering if the company plans on releasing any this year. According to a new report, that may not be the case anymore. Google has reportedly given up on making tablets altogether. Hardly surprising, given that the tablet market continues to see falling shipments and Google’s last attempt at establishing a foothold didn’t exactly succeed.

Battery Recall Issued For 2015 15 Inch MacBook Pro Models

A voluntary recall has been issued by Apple today for some 15 inch MacBook Pro models over concerns that the battery could overheat. That would obviously be a potential safety risk which is why the company has decided to issue the recall. It’s asking users with the affected units to stop using them in the meantime.

Adobe Lightroom Is Now Available From The Mac App Store

Adobe Lightroom, the photo-editing tool meant for professionals, is now available from the Mac App Store. This now happens to be the first Adobe app that’s available from the revamped version of the app platform. Photoshop Elements has already been available but it’s a lightweight compared to Lightroom. This is now the only pro-focused app that’s available through the Mac App Store.

Microsoft PowerPoint Assistant Will Coach You Through Presentations

The fear of public speaking is very real which is compounded when you have to make a presentation, whether it be for school or for work. However, the good news is that Microsoft wants to help you with that and the company has recently revealed a new feature for PowerPoint called the Presenter Coach.

Apple’s Project Catalyst Could Bring New Messages And Shortcuts App To Mac

iOS and macOS have different apps, although the company has tried to create apps for both platforms, such as Messages, Calendar, Notes, and so on. Now, as far as Messages are concerned, the version on macOS doesn’t feel quite as robust compared to its iOS counterpart, but that could soon change.

Kano Wants To Teach Children How To Build Their Own Computer With A DIY Kit

While the majority of computers these days come prebuilt, building your own PC can be a fun and fulfilling experience. This is because you get to pick and choose your own components and ultimately customize your PC to your own liking. However, the overall experience can be a bit intimidating, but Kano is hoping to change that by teaching kids when they are young.

Intel Brings One-Click CPU Overclocking With Performance Maximizer Tool

Intel wants to make overclocking simpler which is why it has now released an automatic overclocking tool for some 9th gen Core CPUs called the Intel Performance Maximizer. The tool takes a look at the individual settings of each processor and then uses what the company calls “hyper-intelligent automation” to overclock them for a performance bump. This means that users can have one-click overclocking without having to make any changes […]

Mozilla Releases Emergency Patch For Firefox

If you’re a Firefox user, you might want to update your browser ASAP. This is because Mozilla has recently issued an emergency patch for the browser that will fix a zero-day vulnerability. Now, such flaws do happen from time to time, but what makes this particularly important and urgent is that this flaw is currently being exploited, which means that there is a chance you could be a victim if […]