Some M1 iMacs Are Shipping With Crooked Mountings
The iMac has been designed as an all-in-one desktop system, meaning that the computer and display itself are integrated with each other to create a seamless look. However, that might not be the case in real life for some M1 iMac customers. This is because it seems that for some of them, Apple has been shipping out units that come with crooked mountings.This was initially reported in a video by […]

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Safari For Mac
Need to take full page screenshots on Safari on your Mac computer? It’s actually a relatively simple process and here’s what you need to do.

Google Promises To Update Chrome OS Once A Month
If you’re a Chrome OS user, there might be some good news for you. This is because Google has recently announced that they will soon start to update its Chrome OS at least once every month, meaning that users can look forward to things like bug fixes, security patches, potential new features, and more on a monthly basis.

Microsoft Could Kill Off Windows 10 In 2025
Windows 10 was first released in 2015 which means that it is 6 years old now, and it also seems that it has about 4 years left in it. This is according to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy page in which it states that Microsoft will continue to support at least one Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until 2025.


This Is What Apple’s Upcoming iPad Mini Could Look Like
Apple has been kind of neglecting its iPad mini. The tablet has received upgrades to its hardware over time, but it hasn’t been particularly exciting, at least not iPad Pro level kind of exciting. However, if the rumors are to be believed, that could change with the next-gen iPad mini.

Latest Chrome Update Will Patch A Zero-Day Vulnerability
As much as updates are welcome as they bring about bug fixes and new features, sometimes an update can also be a negative thing as it leaves a software exposed to hackers and other security issues. Such is the case with Chrome 91 where a new patch has been issued that will deal with zero-day vulnerability.

How To Show File Extensions In Windows 10
If you’re trying to figure out what file type a certain file is, looking at its extension can be helpful, but with Windows, Microsoft hides the extensions so here’s how you can turn it back on.

Seagate Launches Limited Edition Cyberpunk 2077 SSD
Components like hard drives and SSDs are placed within our computers, so you don’t always get to look at it, or rather why would you? However, a lot of chassis makers these days are creating PC cases with windows to help highlight the build, which is why not only does the component need to be good internally, but it has to look good externally.

Pirated Software Helped An Unknown Malware Infect 3.2 Million PCs
hackThere are many reasons not to download pirated software, with the most obvious being that it’s illegal and you’re essentially “stealing”. The second reason is that because you can’t always trust the source of pirated software, it could lead to bad situations like this, where recently a report from NordLocker revealed how an unknown malware flew under the radar for two years, infecting 3.2 million PCs in the process.

Apple To Crack Down On Email Tracking Pixels
One of the ways people track whether or not you’ve read an email that they’ve sent is by embedding a single near-invisible pixel in the email. What happens is that when the email is opened, the image loads and will notify the sender that you have read the email. While it can be useful, some might find it a bit invasive in terms of privacy.

Apple Might Have Confirmed The M1X Macs
Were you disappointed when at WWDC Apple did not announce new MacBook Pros like the rumors said they would? If you are disappointed, you’re not alone, but at the same time, it’s hard to be surprised as WWDC is usually software focused. Sure, Apple did announce the M1 chipsets last year at WWDC, but it felt like a one-off thing.

New MacBook Pros Now Expected In Q3 2021
Ahead of WWDC 2021, there were reports and rumors that Apple might actually debut new MacBook Pros at the event. Clearly that did not happen, much to the disappointment of some we imagine, so the question is when can we expect to see Apple’s rumored redesigned MacBook Pros?

Some macOS Monterey Features Won’t Be Available For Intel Macs
With all the new features that macOS Monterey will be bringing to the table, we’re sure that many Mac owners are excited to upgrade to it once it becomes available. Unfortunately for some Mac owners, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the upgrade because Intel-based Mac computers will not be getting some of the new features.

macOS Monterey Will Let Other Macs Double As An External Display
Back in 2009, Apple introduced a feature called Target Display Mode that essentially allowed an iMac to be used by another Mac as an external display. The feature eventually retired in 2014, but it seems that with macOS Monterey, Apple might have revived it to a certain extent in a different form.

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Chrome
Want to take a screenshot of an entire article you’re reading on a website? Instead of taking multiple screenshots and trying to stitch them up yourself, here’s a trick that will help you take full page screenshots in Chrome in seconds.

Alienware X15 and X17 Gaming Laptops, With Uber-Cooling
Alienware rocked the gaming world by launching thin gaming laptops equipped with some of the most powerful CPUs and GPUs available on the market. At 15.9mm (X15) and 20.9mm (X17) thin, these new Alienware laptops are visually even more attractive than their M15 and M17 predecessors.

iPadOS 15 Introduces A Better Way To Multitask On The Tablet
Ahead of WWDC 2021, there was a report that suggested that Apple would introduce an improvement to the way the iPad handles multitasking. Sure enough with iPadOS 15, Apple has announced a couple of changes that don’t necessarily introduce new ways to multitask, but rather it builds on the existing options and improves on them.

macOS Monterey’s Universal Control Lets You Work Across Multiple Devices Seamlessly
Apple’s iOS and macOS devices already kind of work together. You can copy a link from either device and paste it on another device. You can also sync up things like Messages, Notes, Calendar, and so on, and there is even a Handoff feature that lets you send certain tasks from one device to another, like continuing to read a website from your iPad to your Mac.

FaceTime’s New Features Makes It A Lot More Collaborative
Apple’s FaceTime pretty much just allowed users to video and voice call with each other. It was a pretty basic feature but it worked, and it also works across iOS and macOS devices which makes it more convenient. However, for those who were hoping for a more feature-rich experience, Apple has delivered.

Apple Is Bring Extensions To Safari On iPhone And iPad
One of the features that Safari on iPhone and iPad lacks compared to its computer version is extensions. Browser extensions can help expand on the functionality of a browser and make it better to use, but the good news is that at WWDC 2021, Apple announced that they will be bringing extension support to Safari for the iPhone and iPad.