Belkin Launches New 60W GaN Wall Charger
Laptop wall chargers aren’t always the smallest which can sometimes make bringing them around an issue. However, if you’re looking for a wall charger for your laptop that’s small enough to just slip into your pocket, then you might want to check out Belkin’s latest Boost Charge Pro 60W GaN wall charger.

Parallels On Chromebook Lets You Run Windows 10
Google’s Chrome OS is a relatively lightweight operating system that’s perfect for getting some work done, but there are instances when you might require more powerful apps or tools that are only available on other operating systems like Windows. Instead of buying a separate computer, how about using software instead?

Don’t Edit iPhone Videos On Windows 10 Until You’ve Patched Your PC
There are plenty of iPhone users who are also Windows users, and as such, some of these users might actually be exporting their photos and videos onto their computers for backup or editing purposes. If you do export your iPhone videos to Windows 10 to edit them on your computer, don’t, at least not until you’ve downloaded the latest Windows 10 patch.

Microsoft Is Force Installing Office Web Apps For Windows 10 Users
We get that Microsoft would love it if more people were to use its Office apps, but to go to the extent of forcing it on users? That’s where we’re sure many will take issue, but this isn’t a hypothetical situation, it’s actually happening. According to multiple user reports, it appears that Microsoft has essentially forced an update on Windows 10 users in which upon rebooting, users are finding the […]


Apple Silicon Macs Could Be Announced November 17
A rumor from earlier this month suggested that Apple could be holding another virtual event next month where they will be unveiling their first commercially available Apple Silicon powered Mac computers. Now according to a tweet by leakster Jon Prosser, he claims that the event will be held on the 17th of November.

Walmart Lists iPad Air’s Release Date For Next Week
When Apple announced the iPad Air, they did not mention when it would be released. A rumor earlier this week suggested that Apple might announce something at its iPhone 12 event, but that obviously did not pan out. However, it seems that we might now have a release date to look forward to.

Sony Brings Imaging Edge Webcam Utility To macOS
Back in August, Sony announced and released the Imaging Edge Webcam tool for Windows. For those unfamiliar, this is a software that lets you plug your Sony digital camera into your computer and use it as a webcam. The good news is that it looks like the software is now available for macOS as well.

Potential Apple Silicon Mac Model Numbers Revealed In Database
Apple’s iPhone event will probably largely focus on the iPhone, and as such, if you were hoping for details surrounding Apple’s upcoming computers that will be powered by the Apple Silicon, you might have to wait until November. However, it seems that it could be worth the wait as a bunch of model numbers have been leaked.

iPad Air Release Date Could Be Revealed This Tuesday
Last month, Apple announced their latest iPad Air. Apart from confirming the specs and the price, the company stopped short of mentioning when it would be available, which is a bit odd since Apple typically makes their products available about a week or two after it has been announced.

Razer Blade Stealth Updated With OLED Option
If you are looking to game on the go, gaming laptops are where it’s at and Razer has actually given its Razer Blade Stealth 13 an update in terms of hardware. Gamers will now be able to get the latest generation of processors from Intel, as well as the option of equipping their laptop with a touchscreen OLED display.

Apple Silicon Macs Could Be Announced In November
When Apple first announced their plans to launch ARM-based Macs, they also stated that we would be able to expect the first Apple Silicon Mac computers by the end of the year. Now we might know when to expect them, at least that’s according to a report from Bloomberg in which Mark Gurman claims that these computers will be announced in November.

Alienware Aurora R11 Now Comes With NVIDIA’s RTX 3090
NVIDIA made waves back in September when they announced their new RTX 30-series GPUs. These GPUs are incredibly powerful and if you’re a gamer looking to upgrade their rig, they could be worth checking out. In fact, if you can’t be bothered to build your own PC, then Alienware’s Aurora R11 could be a contender.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 And Premiere Elements 2021 Announced
If you’re a creative looking to get some work done, there’s a good chance that Adobe’s suite of software would be your choice. However, Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription can be expensive, especially if you’re just a small time creator or even a hobbyist, but that’s where the “Elements” edition comes in.

Microsoft Edge Now Lets You Compare Prices While You Shop
One of the joys of shopping online is that you get to browse multiple retailers at the same time to find yourself the best deal. This is versus physical retail stores and check out the prices one at a time, which can be a time-consuming process and could take you days, or even weeks to find the best deal.