Apple Has A Bunch Of Fun New Emojis For iOS And Mac This Fall

Emojis are fun ways for people to communicate with each other. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and according to Apple, there will be several thousand words that its iOS and Mac users will be able to expect later this year when the company will be releasing a bunch of new emojis for its mobile and desktop platforms.

Elon Musk Wants To Put Computers In Our Brains

One of the challenges to people who are fully paralyzed is their ability to move around. While there have been efforts at creating devices that can be controlled using our brains, Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is hoping to take things one step further by actually implanting computers into our brains.

Spotify For iPad Finally Picks Up Multitasking Support

There’s some good news today for Spotify users on iPad. There’s a new update rolling out today for the Spotify app for iPad. The music streaming service has finally added multitasking support to the iPad version of its iOS app. This means that it gets support for features like Slide Over and Split View, a feature that Apple initially released back in 2015.

Firefox Will Warn You If Saved Logins Surface In Data Breaches

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality of the modern age. Compromised data spreads very quickly in these circles and can cause headaches for affected users. To make sure that you take appropriate actions if you find yourself in such a position, Firefox will start to warn users if their saved logins surface in a data breach.


Windows 10 Update Will Allow Access To Third-Party Digital Assistants From The Lock Screen

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana has been around for a while now, but it is largely underused when compared to other digital assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. If you do like using digital assistants and would like to see greater functionality in Windows 10, then an upcoming Windows 10 update could be of interest to you.

Apple’s 2019 MacBook Air Refresh Has A Slower SSD Than Its Predecessor

Apple recently updated its MacBook laptops where one of the refreshed models is a MacBook Air. Usually, refreshes are viewed as a good thing as it means new and improved hardware, like new GPUs, faster processors, and the likes. However, it seems that the 2019 MacBook Air refresh is actually taking one step backwards.

Germany Bans Schools From Using Microsoft Office 365

When it comes to productivity software, there aren’t that many around, with most people turning to Microsoft Office as their software of choice. However, it seems that over in Germany, schools will no longer be allowed to use Microsoft Office 365, the cloud version of Microsoft’s Office software.

Microsoft Has Blocked May 2019 Windows Update On Surface Book 2

The latest major Windows 10 update, version 1903, May 2019 to be precise, has been blocked by Microsoft on its Surface Book 2. The company says that this has been done because of a compatibility issue which resulted in some apps and games which used the NVIDIA GPU to crash once the update was installed. It has blocked the update in order to resolve the glitch.

Microsoft’s Internet Card And Board Games Shutting Down

Microsoft has decided that it’s time to sunset its internet board and card games. This can be taken as yet another nudge by the company for users of older Windows versions to upgrade or get left behind. It’s shutting down several of its Internet Games for users on Windows 7 or earlier.

Microsoft To Shut Down Its Internet Games On Windows

As many Windows users are aware, Microsoft bundles a handful of games with its Windows operating system. This has been a staple feature over the past decade or so of Windows releases, but it seems that Microsoft has ultimately decided that they will be retiring some of them.

Voting Machines In Many U.S. Counties Run On Outdated Software

After the previous presidential election and the controversy thereafter, several states had said that they would upgrade their voting machines to eliminate security concerns. However, a report from the Associated Press reveals that while counties across the country have acquired new equipment, the bulk of these machines are running on outdated software which remains vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

AMD Ryzen 3000 Systems To Get BIOS Update To Fix Linux And Destiny 2 Issues

AMD launched its Ryzen 3000 Series CPUs just last week and systems that run them have faced a minor problem. It was quickly noticed by Linux users that an issue with the newer distributions that were based on version 5.0 or higher were unable to boot. Games on Windows reported having issues with Destiny 2 as well. Both of the issues will need to be resolved through a BIOS update.

Apple’s New Base 13-inch MacBook Pro Is More Powerful Than Expected

Recently, Apple refreshed their lineup of MacBook Pro laptops where they killed off the non-Touch Bar model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which was essentially the cheapest model available and the most entry-level out of them. They replaced it with a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and we’re sure some are wondering if it might be worth it.

Teardown Of Apple’s New 13-inch MacBook Pro Reveals A Larger Battery

Just the other day, Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro lineup where they killed off the non-Touch Bar model and replaced the entire lineup with Touch Bar-only models. One of the new models that they introduced was an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro, and it seems that Apple has given the laptop more than just a refresh in hardware.