Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 Hands-On

The Megapixel war is over as consumer understands that better optics are the real key to capturing better images. While the lenses do not grow larger, the computing and storage capacity of cameras do. Casio has found a way to use it: ultra fast photo and video capture. By ultra-fast, they mean 60fps for photos and 1200fps for videos – wow.

There is a photographic mode in which the camera starts to capture in 60fps burst mode, as soon as you touch the shutter button. When reviewing the photo, you can go back one second in time, to find a better shot.

In video recording more, you should be able to get stunning slow-motion movies, which were difficult to make without this feature. We can’t vouch for the image quality as we have not tested it in the field, but this is extremely interesting. Product home page

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