OneLessDesk a thing of beauty I suppose it is only fitting to complement something as beautiful as your Mac with the OneLessDesk. This unique piece of furniture brings together a couple of desks in a single unit, where one of them can be used to hold your 24″ flat panel display while the lower ‘deck’ can slide out from under the upper deck to hold your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. Sounds pretty much like the standard computer table setup, but this looks way sweeter being a designer lable (Heckler Design) and all. The OneLessDesk also comes with an out-of-sight, rear-facing perforated shelf that prevents the unsightly wired mess from peeking out. Made from 12 gauge stainless steel, the OneLessDesk is extremely limited in availability as only 100 will be produced initially, retailing for $900 a pop. Non-Mac owners are welcome to purchase one to spruce up their workspace.

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