Tributaries T12 Power Strip

Most power strips aren’t all that handy when you have tons of appliances and devices hooked up to it. Tributaries’ T12 Power Strip basically, er, strips away all the problems that come with bulky AC plugs – it features unprecedented flexibility with a dozen outlets where eight of them can be rotated up to 90 degrees in a single, convenient package. You also get 4320 joules of surge suppression and noise filtering for AC power, in addition to signal-line protection for telecomm (RJ-11), network (RJ-45), and cable, antenna, and satellite (F-connector) signals. Blue and red LEDs indicate that the electrical system is properly grounded and AC surge protection is working fine respectively. It can be picked up at any retail store near you for $120 a pop, including a three-year warranty on parts and labor as well as a $25,000 warranty for connected equipment.

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