Logitech’s Circle 2 Security Camera Now Supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video

These days there is a growing number of smart home security cameras available in the market, and for the most part, their selling point is that the videos that their devices capture can be retrieved from the cloud, meaning that users won’t need to worry about storing videos locally and finding a way to store them.

IKEA Debuts New Decorative Smart Bulb For Only $10

IKEA has been on a roll in recent years, where they are starting to expand on their lineup of smart home products. The company started out with some basic smart bulbs, and if you’re looking to furnish your home with more IKEA offerings, you might be in luck as the company has since announced their latest smart bulb, a decorative Edison-style bulb that is part of the company’s Tradfri lineup.

IKEA Could Have A New Smart Home Shortcut Button In The Works

Known for their affordable furniture, IKEA has in the recent years start to branch out by creating more relevant and hi-tech offerings. We’ve seen this happen with smart blinds, smart bulbs, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Now it looks like they might have a new smart home shortcut button in development.

Apple Could Be Considering Making Its Own Smart Home Accessories

With HomeKit, Apple has attempted to create its own ecosystem of smart and connected home products. However, this is largely dependent on manufacturers choosing whether or not to adopt it and incorporate it into their products, which means that if customers are hoping to furnish their home with HomeKit products, they may run into situations where certain smart home products they want might not necessarily support it.


Tesla Has New Solar Roofs That Will Be Easier To Install

One of the green initiatives we’ve seen from Tesla comes in the form of solar roofs. While solar panels installed on roofs aren’t exactly new, Tesla’s idea is to make the entire roof out of solar panels, which would boost the efficiency of it while helping to maintain the aesthetics of the home.

Nanoleaf Introduces ‘Screen Mirror’ Feature For An Aesthetic Experience

Nanoleaf is unquestionably one of the most popular companies to provide smart home lighting solutions.They offer are expensive add-ons to add an immersive lighting experience to your desk setup or the entertainment room.For obvious reasons, the products are considered to be premium lighting equipment for studios (or for personal usage).Now, it has introduced a new feature for its products. With the new feature – “Screen Mirror” – it will technically […]

Meet The Self-Sanitizing Door Handle Invented By Students

If you are someone who prefers everything to be perfectly clean (and 100% germ-free), chances are you might see the door handles as something dirty.Of course, a lot of people will use the door handles (you just cannot stop them from doing that). So, you have to either clean them regularly or just bear with it.Fret not, the students from the University of Hong Kong (Sum Ming Wong and Kin […]

Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi Can Now Be Used To Detect Intruders

If you’re looking for a way to protect your home, there are a bunch of different indoor security cameras and motion sensors that you can buy. But what if you didn’t want to buy a new system? The good news is that if you own Linksys’ Velop mesh WiFi system, the company has a new subscription service worth checking out.

HomeKit Secure Video Images Surface, Suggests That It Could Be Launching Soon

During WWDC 2019 earlier this year, Apple announced a new feature that would be coming to its HomeKit platform in the form of Secure Video. For those who are unfamiliar with HomeKit Secure Video, this is aimed at users who record video footage using smart security camera systems that are also HomeKit enabled.

IKEA Delays US Launch Of Its Smart Blinds Again

At the start of the year, IKEA launched a set of smart blinds for Europe. The smart blinds were also planned for a launch in the US and was initially targeted for February, but was later delayed to August before being pushed back to October. If you were hoping to get your hands on it this month, you’ll be disappointed to learn that will not be happening.

Honor Vision: Huawei’s First Smart TV Running On New OS Editor's Pick

Honor demonstrated its Honor Vision Smart TV at IFA 2019, which is a first for two reasons. First, it’s Honor/Huawei first television, and secondly, it is the first device to use HarmonyOS (codenamed HongMeng), Huawei’s proprietary cross-device operating system that may become an Android alternative someday, although it’s not the preferred option.

Lenovo Takes The Wraps Off Their Smart Display 7

In recent years, we’re starting to see the rise in smart displays. These are essentially smart speakers with displays built into them, where the added display means that users will be able to watch videos, make video calls, and also connect with other smart devices like cameras to see who’s at the door.

SanDisk iXPAND Wireless Charger + Automated Backups

Wireless chargers are typically not an exciting topic to cover as they differ only in maximum charging Wattage and price. However, WesternDigital/Sandisk have found the intersection between charging and backups, and this could save your data without requiring any effort.

Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Lands At IFA

Netgear’s Orbi mesh system has been one of the most celebrated Wi-Fi 5 setup last year, and during CES 2019, the company had hinted that a Wi-Fi 6 version was coming. Orbi Wi-Fi 6 (Orbi WiFi 6 System AX6000, model RBK852) has finally landed at IFA / Berlin, and it is as powerful as we had hoped.