WowWee Spyball Spy Camera

[CES 2009] Think that James Bond is cool? Why not do some spying of your own with the WowWee Spyball spy camera? This tiny remote controlled robotic ball will definitely be a hit with the boys regardless of their age, featuring built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and traverses around on sleek wheels, capable of smooth mobility and quick 360-degree turns. It is able to transform from a ball to a camera and back within seconds, and it goes about its job quietly – perfect for sneaking around the home. We’re just a bit worried that this could be used by perverts who would want to capture upskirt shots though, so parents who want their kids to learn about the birds and bees the proper manner would think twice before bringing home the WowWee Spyball. When connected to a home network, the Spyball can actually be controlled remotely via the Internet for added functionality.

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