The Norton Summit: Security Insight from 1 to 360

Here’s a recap on the first hour of The Norton Summit: Security Insight from 1 to 360. We are covering it live on our live blog, so here’s a quick summary of what’s happened so far. Here’s a detailed archive right after the jump. We’re right now in the Breakout Session by Davil Hall concerning Fast Lives, Fast PCs – Diagnose Your Online Security Needs with Dr. Norton.

Mar 26, 05:44 PT.
Norton Safe Web attends to the threat of drive-by-downloads by annotating search results so that you have visibility of safe websites. Features include detailed site ratings and community feedback, using a special approach when it comes to rating sites via a merger of Norton Community, targeted crawling and intelligent aging algorithm. Since Norton says that their latest product is lite and fast, hopefully the integration with the Norton toolbar won’t bog down your system too much.

Mar 26, 05:42 PT.
Here’s the Norton Performance Challenge results! Norton Internet Security 2009’s performance against the industry average (AVG, Kapersky, etc) seems to be fast on paper after internal testing – 14% faster in boot time, up to 52% faster in scan speed, 69% lighter in memory usage, 77$% lighter in install size and 14.8x more often in frequency updates, and that’s against Kapersky Internet Security 8.0 2009.

Mar 26, 05:39 PT.
Norton Insight caters to users of all levels, from super safe people who do nothing but send emails without surfing websites that could compromise the safety of the computer to those who constantly check out sites that are constantly on the frontlines.

Mar 26, 05:37 PT.
Norton Insight also relies on Whitelisting – where they will skip over a list of good and trusted files in order to make it more efficient. In addition, they take advantage of their 21 million community users to know which software are safe or not. On top of it, it is backed by Sonar, where it will catch behavorially bad programs on-the-fly without having to revert back to the Norton HQ. Basically, Norton Insight checks the list of files to know which can be skipped while they’re safe, in addition to checking their behavior patterns.

Mar 26, 05:35 PT.
The new security model dramatically reduces scanning, where only untrusted applications are analyzed by Norton thanks to Norton Insight. Is this intelligent enough to overcome the wiles of hackers and malicious software?

Mar 26, 05:34 PT.
Norton ain’t kidding about improving their performance by having the 1x10x110 Internal Challenge – 1 minute install, less than 10MB of memory used at idle and an install size of 110MB. Guess they delivered this in Norton 360 v.30.

Mar 26, 05:32 PT.
David’s now talking about Norton 360 v3.0 as well as Norton Safe Web that aims to set the industry standard by being the fastest, lightest, most comprehensive and most usable all-in-one suite on the market. It is meant to let even grandma and granpa solve their own security problems without calling you in the middle of the night. Hopefully it lives up to its promise :)

Mar 26, 05:31 PT.
Norton is currently investing lots of time and money in order to take up technology leadership in the arena. In this sense, they hope to add more customer value by featuring services like online backup, Norton Utilities and NAVGE WITHOUT slowing down their products. How many of you guys out there think that Norton products are bloated? I’m sure that those older versions of yore tend to bog down your computer’s performance upon boot up.

Mar 26, 05:24 PT.
David continues on where Effendy left off, talking about Symantec’s Global intelligence Network that comprises of 61 monitored countries, 40k registered sensors in over 180 countries. He has then moved on to different types of threats these days.

Mar 26, 05:05 PT.
Effendy Ibrahim, Consumer Business Lead, Asia South has started his introduction on Norton Inner Circle, where there were only 400 or so Malaysians selected to listen in. This is not an evangelistic meeting, but is about the CONSUMERS :)

Mar 26, 04:58 PT.
David Hall takes to the floor with his introduction. Once the journalists are full, let the show begin! :)
David from PR company text100 opening the summit for everyone. We’ve started 10 minutes early.

Mar 26, 04:41 PT. We’re live at the Norton Summit 2009, Security Insights from 1 to 360.

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