Genius EasyPen i405 And MousePen i608

Genius EasyPen i405 And MousePen i608

Genius has unveiled a couple more peripherals – the EasyPen i405 digital tablet and MousePen i608 that will target business professionals, graphic designers and artists on-the-go. They will play nice with both Macs and Windows-based PCs, where the former will come with 28 programmable “Hot-Keys” whereas the MousePen i608 has one more, making it easy to access common Office and Internet functions. As for the cordless pen, it comes with 1024-level pressure sensitivity and a couple of buttons for controlling shapes and thickness while drawing or writing. The EasyPen i405 comes with a 4” x 5.5” working area, making it a snap to tote around wherever you’re going. As for the MousePen i608, it boasts a larger 8” x 6” working area, accompanied by a cordless mouse with an integrated scroll wheel. The EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608 will retail for $79 and $99, respectively. [Press Release]

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