Amazon Echo Devices Now Available From Microsoft

Microsoft is no stranger to selling devices from other companies in its official store and it appears to have extended this privilege to some of Amazon’s Echo devices. They’re the smart speakers from the online retail giant that are powered by its Alexa smart assistant. A couple of models are now being sold from the official Microsoft store.

Xiaomi Selling A $2,000 Laser Projector At Walmart

Xiaomi doesn’t offer a lot of products in the United States. Its smartphones have yet to make an appearance Stateside but some of its other devices are available. The list includes its 150 inch laser projector that costs $1999.99. It’s available for purchase in the U.S. exclusively from Walmart.

Alexa Can Soon Be Used To Turn On Devices In Low-Power Mode

Amazon’s Alexa can already do certain tasks by itself, but at the same time it acts as a medium between other smart/connected devices as well where users can use Alexa to turn said devices on/off. However what if a device is in low-power mode and you want to wake it up using Alexa? The good news is that Amazon has a solution for that.

Apple’s AirPort Devices Are No Longer Being Sold By The Company

While Apple has typically been known to be self-reliant when it comes to their products, such as developing their own hardware and software, at the same time we’ve seen how the company has been slowly discontinuing some of its products, such as the Thunderbolt Display, and more recently it appears that their networking hardware is also on its way out.


New Nike Apple Watch Sport Bands & Loops Launched

Nike and Apple have been working together for the past few years, and in more recent times, we’ve seen that partnership extend to the Apple Watch where there are special Nike versions of the Apple Watch for those who are a fan of Nike and who might appreciate the special sports band that is used for the Nike Apple Watches.

Google’s Wear OS ‘H’ Update Focuses On Better Battery Life

If there is still a reason why people aren’t as quick to adopt a smartwatch is because of battery life. When you consider the fact that traditional timepieces need a change of battery maybe once every few years (some models are self-charging), the idea that you can only use your smartwatch for 1-2 days before it dies is a bit off-putting.

V-Moda’s BassFit Wireless Headphones Announced

In this day and age where handset makers are starting to remove the headphone jack from their devices, what this means is that more users are turning towards wireless headphones. Now there are plenty of wireless headphones in the market today geared towards fitness enthusiasts, and it looks like V-Moda has decided to toss their hat into the ring.

Tidal Music Now Available On Amazon’s Echo

Chances are when someone buys an Amazon Echo speaker, they are most likely buying it for Alexa and the various skills and connectivity options the digital assistant offers. However if you’d like to use your Echo speakers for more than just a medium between you and Alexa, you might be interested to learn that Tidal has launched for the Echo speakers.

Microsoft’s Surface Headphones Now Available For Pre-Order

Last month Microsoft announced that they will be launching their own pair of noise-cancelling headphones under the Surface brand simply called the Surface Headphones. The company had also confirmed that pre-orders would be going live on the 15th of November and if these are a pair of headphones you are interested in, pre-orders are now live on Microsoft’s website.

Razer BlackWidow Lite Mechanical Keyboard Announced

In the comfort of your own home, you are more than welcome to use keyboards with RGB backlighting. However in the office space, using such a keyboard might be viewed as distracting, but if you absolutely need to use a mechanical keyboard, then maybe Razer’s latest keyboard offering might be of interest to you.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers Start Shipping Tomorrow

Thinking of ordering a pair of Roku TV Wireless Speakers? Get ready to keep an eye out for the delivery truck. The company has confirmed that it’s going to start shipping the speakers from tomorrow. Customers get two speakers, a voice remote, and a new Roku Touch tabletop remote. The entire package is priced at $299 but Roku is offering a discount to customers who purchase it between tomorrow and […]

Foldable Hover 2 Drone Features Advanced Obstacle Avoidance

The Hover Camera Passport foldable drone was launched a couple of years ago and it was very well received. The successor has now been unveiled. Hover 2 retains the foldable form factor of its predecessor and also comes with advanced obstacle avoidance. Like its predecessor, it’s meant to be a selfie drone that’s used best for taking pictures of you against stunning backdrops.

Some Juul Pods Will No Longer Be Sold At Retail Stores

You may have heard of the Juul e-cigarettes that have been wildly popular over the past year. They don’t actually look like e-cigarettes as the design is very discrete which makes them look more like USB drives than e-cigarettes. That’s one of the reasons behind Juul’s popularity. However, in the wake of increased government scrutiny, Juul has said that it will no longer be selling some of its flavor pods […]

L’Oréal’s Wearable Sensor Tracks Your UV Exposure The Entire Day

L’Oreal unveiled its UV Sense prototype sensor earlier this year and the company today launched a full-fledged wearable sensor that anyone can buy. The La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor can track your exposure to UV radiation throughout the entire day. Ultraviolet radiation is bad for the skin and eyes. It can even cause skin cancer.