Microsoft Confirms Possible HoloLens 2 Press Event At MWC 2019

Microsoft has been working on the second generation of its HoloLens headset and it appears that the company is ready to make some details public. It has sent invites to the press for an event at the Mobile World Congress 2019 next month where it may talk about the headset.

Nomad Launches New Natural Leather Accessories For The Apple Watch, AirPods

The nice thing about buying into Apple’s ecosystem is that because Apple has so many customers and its products are so popular that there are plenty of third-party accessories that you can buy. If you own the Apple Watch and you’re shopping about for a new strap and don’t want to pay Apple’s prices, Nomad has you covered.

This Bluetooth Chip Powers Itself Using Ambient Radio Frequencies

As much as newer versions of Bluetooth have reduced the amount of power it consumes, the fact of the matter is that it still needs a battery. However a company by the name of Wiliot has created a tiny postage stamp-sized Bluetooth chip that can power itself without the need for batteries simply be harvesting ambient radio frequencies.

LG Discounts Its 4K OLED TVs To Its ‘Best Price Ever’

When terms like “4K” and “OLED” are used together with TVs, there is a good chance that one of the first things that comes to mind is how pricey these TVs will cost. Usually you wouldn’t be wrong, but there is some good news because LG has announced that they will be launching a limited-time offer for some of their 4K OLED TV models.


Nike Adapt BB Shoes Can Self-Lace Through Your Phone

It has been known for a while now that Nike is making self-lacing basketball shoes. It revealed yesterday that the self-lacing feature would be controllable using a smartphone app. Nike has officially unveiled the Adapt BB today and as promised, the shoes can indeed lace up themselves at the touch of a button in the top.

FAA Could Allow Drone Flights Over Crowds

The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly thinking about softening drone restrictions and allowing flights over crowds. The proposals have been unveiled this week which would classify drones in three main categories each with their own set of restrictions. The drones will be categorized based on their weight and the amount of damage that they can potentially do to a person.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Gets New Remote That Can Control Your TV

Amazon offers a variety of different Fire TV streaming devices but the most affordable option in the lineup is the Fire TV Stick. It retails for $39.99 and can instantly transform your conventional TV into a smart TV upon being plugged into the HDMI port. Amazon is now shipping the Fire TV Stick with its upgraded Alexa voice control. It comes with IR blasters so the remote can also be […]

How To Clean A Keyboard

You would think that toilet is the dirtiest place. But in case you did not already know, it has actually been found that your computer’s keyboard is many, many times more dirty compared to a toilet seat, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it. How To Clean Your Keyboard Easy If you don’t have a lot of time and just want a quick and easy solution to clean your […]

HomePod & iPhones Can No Longer Play Different Apple Music Separately

Since we all have different tastes, you might be listening to one particular genre, your siblings might be listening to something else, your parents something else, and so on. This is normal. However it seems that unless you were to setup a family account for Apple Music, you won’t be able to play music separately on the iPhone and HomePod.

Apple Could Be Working On 7th Gen iPod Touch

For the longest time ever, Apple was known for their iPods where it managed to earn the company a lot of money. In recent times ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, the need to carry around a separate media player diminished to the point where Apple removed mentions of the iPod on its website.

Apple HomePad Launches In China On January 18th

Apple is expanding the availability of its smart speaker to one of its most crucial markets. The company has confirmed today that the HomePod will be making its way to China this week. Customers in China and Hong Kong will be able to purchase the HomePod starting January 18th.

All Vizio SmartCast TVs Since 2016 Get AirPlay 2 Support

Several TV manufacturers confirmed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 this week in Las Vegas that they will be adding Apple AirPlay 2 support to some of their new TVs soon. Vizio was one of them and it has now confirmed an additional detail which will bring joy to many of its customers. The company has confirmed that all of its SmartCast TVs released since 2016 will not only get […]

Xiaomi’s Yi Home Camera 3 Announced With Smarter Notifications

For those who are unfamiliar, Xiaomi actually makes a lot more things than just phones, which the company is probably best known for. In fact Xiaomi actually makes a fair number of smart home products such as smart lighting systems and even security cameras, the latter of which was announced at CES 2019 in the form of the Yi Home Camera 3.

Philips Unveils A $350 4K Android TV With Google Assistant

When you think of smart TVs with a 4K resolution, you might be concerned that it could be expensive. To a certain extent that is true of certain brands and models, but if you have a relatively small budget, then you might be interested to learn that Philips has actually launched a pretty affordable smart TV.