Belkin Unveils New Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock For The iPhone & Apple Watch

At this point in time, it is really anyone’s guess as to when Apple will launch the AirPower charging mat, or rather if they plan to do so after hearing reports about it facing various technical hurdles. However thankfully for iPhone users seeking alternatives, Belkin is more than happy to oblige.

Verizon Launches Kid-Friendly GizmoWatch With 4G LTE

While most of us might think of smartwatches and activity trackers as devices aimed more at adults, the reality of today is that kids are just as tech-ed up as most adults, with parents relying heavily on smartphones and tablets to help entertain and educate their children. This is why it’s not surprising that we’re seeing smartwatches and wearables designed for kids as well.

Facebook’s Video Chat Device Could Be Announced Next Week

Earlier this year there were rumors that Facebook was planning on getting into smart speakers as well. Following the success of Amazon and Google, it’s not surprising that Facebook wants a slice of that pie. Now according to a report from Cheddar, Facebook is expected to announce the device next week.

Razer Launches Ifrit Broadcaster Headset

We know that Razer already makes several different types of gaming headsets, but in case you’re in the market for a new headset, then you might be interested to learn that Razer has since announced the launch of the Ifrit broadcaster headset, which as the name implies seems to be more geared towards broadcasters.


Spider-Man Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Is Aimed At Kids

Fitness trackers are great if you’re looking for a way to track your fitness activities. They can be used by people of all ages, although admittedly giving an Apple Watch to a kid might not be the best idea as they might damage it. However if you’d still like to equip your child with a fitness tracker, Garmin might have something for you.

Philips Unveils 32-inch 4K Monitor For Professionals

Not all displays were created the same. Given that people have different needs from their displays, this has resulted in companies creating displays for different purposes, such as gaming where the emphasis could be on faster refresh rates and also syncing with the GPU to prevent screen tearing and ghosting.

John Hancock Life Insurance Accepts Activity Tracking As An Option

In the past we have seen how some insurance companies have actually encouraged their customers to use devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit fitness trackers. They even offered customers incentives for meeting certain health/fitness goals. 

Amazon Just Launched A Microwave With Alexa

It was reported recently that Amazon is looking to bring its Alexa voice assistant to a wide variety of products including but not limited to microwaves. The report suggested that we might see some of those products by the end of this year but the company has surprised everyone by launching at least a few of those products today. Amazon has just announced a microwave that comes with its Alexa […]

Amazon Smart Plug Launches For $24.99

It was reported earlier today that Amazon might soon launch a smart plug and the company has done just that today. The Amazon Smart Plug has been officially announced today. It’s a smart plug just like any other which users will be able to use in order to remotely control their devices. Amazon has confirmed the price and availability information for the plug.

Echo Sub Is Amazon’s New Subwoofer That Links Up Echo Speakers

Amazon has launched a handful of new Echo devices today one of which is the Echo Sub. As the name suggests, it’s a subwoofer that can be linked up with Echo speakers for a more premium audio experience. Amazon is clearly making a big push into the home audio space with these products. The Echo Sub is a 100W subwoofer that will provide ample bass for a home audio setup.

Amazon Echo Input Brings Alexa To Your Existing Speakers

If you have a speaker setup in place already that’s not a recent model and therefore doesn’t have an integrated digital personal assistant, don’t worry, because you won’t have to spend big money on an entirely new setup. Amazon has announced a new product today called Echo Input. It will bring Alexa to any and all existing speakers.

New Amazon Echo Dot Gets Updated Design And Better Sound Quality

Amazon has announced an update for its most popular Echo speaker today. The new Amazon Echo comes after the original one was released back in 2016. It has an updated design that features softer edges and fabric covers. There’s better sound quality as well, according to the company.

HomePod Is Reportedly Dominating The Premium Smart Speaker Market

When Apple announced the HomePod, they priced it above what most smart speakers were priced at the moment. According to Apple, they claimed that the HomePod wasn’t so much a smart speaker but a set of really good speakers. We’re sure that many are wondering how its doing, and it turns out they’re doing pretty well.

Amazon Echo Sub & Smart Plug Devices Leaked

A report from the other day suggested that Amazon has a bunch of new Echo/Alexa-enabled devices in the works. Now thanks to a couple of posts from Pocket-lint, at least two of the devices have been leaked in the form of the Amazon Echo Sub and also the Amazon Smart Plug.