QuickPull keeps your blackberry responsive

Do you remember how fast your Blackberry was on the first day? Chances are that you have installed third-party applications like Facebook, Google Maps, some Twitter client and so on… As you switch from one application to the next, they stay in memory and consume precious resources. It is possible to switch them off one by one, but it we’re usually too lazy to do it.

Here comes QuickPull. This software will perform a reset when you ask it to, or on a pre-determined schedule, in order to keep your Blackberry as responsive as can be. That’s a violent way to close background applications, but no one thought of an easier way when they wrote the BlackBerry OS… don’t worry, most phone operating systems suffer from the same deficiency. Quickpull is a free application, and there’s a “pro” version that costs $2.99. The free version is available on the BlackBerry app store.

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