Huawei P50 Series Officially Launched But Without Support For 5G
In 2019 seeing a 5G handset was kind of rare, but in 2020, they started to become more common, and in 2021, 5G flagship phones have become the standard. However, this is a standard that apparently Huawei isn’t adopting as the company has officially announced their brand new P50 series which oddly enough, lacks 5G.

How To Check If Used iPhones Are Stolen Before Buying
Is a second-hand iPhone deal sounding too good to be true? If it does, there is a chance it could be stolen, but here’s how you can check to avoid getting scammed.

Google Maps Is Now Available As An iOS Home Screen Widget
One of the biggest changes that Apple introduced in iOS 14 was the ability to finally add widgets to the Home screen. This changed how people used iOS and also led to the creation of a lot of widget apps, giving iOS users a similar level of flexibility and customization as Android users have been enjoying for years.

iPhones With 2nm Chipset Might Arrive In 2024
Apple’s current A-series chipsets are built on the 5nm process, but things could improve rather drastically in 2024 because TSMC has been given the greenlight to build a new factory that is dedicated to producing 2nm chipsets. Given that Apple is one of TSMC’s biggest customers, there is no doubt that this new factory will benefit Apple as well.


Apple Warns Global Chip Shortage Will Affect iPhone Production
As many of you might have heard, we are currently facing a global chip shortage. This will have an impact on gadgets that are being produced this year, where there is a chance that we might actually end up facing shortages. This will affect all companies, big or small, and Apple is not exempt from it.

ZTE Axon 30 Launched With Under-Display Front-Facing Camera
Right now, a good majority of smartphones still rely on a notch or a hole-punch cutout for the front-facing camera. Some see this as being a design “flaw”, and if you’re in that camp and would prefer a seamless full screen experience, then you’re in luck because ZTE has something that might be of interest to you.

Samsung Confirms There Will Not Be A New Note Handset This Year
Samsung has recently confirmed that on the 11th of August, they will be hosting an Unpacked event where it will most likely see the company launch new foldables. For those who are hoping to see a new Galaxy Note handset, that will not be happening as Samsung has once again confirmed that there will be no new Note handset this year.

OnePlus Might Have Quietly Upgraded The OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 9R
The OnePlus 8T was released last year while the OnePlus 9R was released earlier this year, but it seems that for whatever reason, OnePlus has decided to give both phones a very tiny upgrade. According to user reports, it seems that the RAM in the phones have been upgraded to be faster.

Apple Maps In iOS 15 Will Warn Of Weather Conditions
Apple Maps was launched to a rocky start but over the years, Apple has made various improvements to it to make it a better mapping application. In fact, it seems that come iOS 15, Apple will be introducing weather conditions to Apple Maps, where it can help users make better decisions when it comes to choosing their routes.

Amazon Widget Adds Alexa To iOS Home Screens
One of the newer features of iOS 14 is the ability to add widgets to the Home screen. This is more useful than Apple’s previous implementation and if you’re looking to get more use out of it, you might be interested to learn that Amazon’s Alexa app has been updated where it now supports widgets.

How To Enable iPhone Fast-Charging
Is your iPhone charging a bit too slowly for your liking? Then you might be interested to learn that you can actually fast-charge your iPhone if you don’t mind spending a little bit of money to get some additional accessories.

macOS 11.5.1, iOS 14.7.1 Will Patch A Critical Bug
As we have said before in the past, bugs in software is something that will always be around and that it will be close to impossible to squash all of them. Some bugs aren’t very dangerous, but there are times when bugs can be critical and could possibly result in security vulnerabilities being taken advantage of.

BlackBerry’s 5G Smartphone With A Physical Keyboard Is Still In The Works
Back in August last year, BlackBerry announced a partnership with OnwardMobility in which they would be launching a 5G smartphone with BlackBerry’s traditional physical keyboard. It’s been almost a year since the announcement and if you totally forgot about it, we can’t say we blame you.

HMD Global Launches The Nokia XR20, A Rugged 5G Smartphone
A few years ago, 5G smartphones were almost exclusively high-end flagships, but as the technology becomes more accessible, we are starting to see how 5G is being brought to lower-end devices. In fact, HMD Global has recently announced a new 5G smartphone in the form of the Nokia XR20.

Apple Expected To Bring Face ID To All Of Its Products Eventually
At the moment, Face ID is only available on a select few Apple products. This includes the higher-end iPad Pros and also the higher-end iPhones. The rest of Apple’s product lineup continues to use Touch ID. However, as per Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, that could change in the future.

An iPhone 5s Won A Photography Award In 2021
The iPhone 5s was launched in 2013, which means that it is now 8 years old. Apple has come a long way since the iPhone 5s in terms of hardware performance, display technology, and of course, camera technology. Back then single-lens cameras were the norm, but these days, having 3-4 cameras on the back of a phone is par for the course.

Corning Will Be Bringing Its Gorilla Glass To Smartphone Cameras
Corning is a name that many of you might be familiar with. The company’s Gorilla Glass series has been used in smartphones for its display covers, but now it looks like Corning wants to expand to cover more than that. The company wants to start protecting the cameras of your smartphone as well.

Moment’s New Galaxy S21 Cases Brings MagSafe To Samsung’s Phones
MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary “wireless” charging technology that uses a magnet to attach a puck to the back of an iPhone to help it charge. In a way, it’s similar to the same tech that they use to charge the Apple Watch, and prior to that, their MacBooks as well. If you were envious of that tech, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is now available for Samsung devices.

iPhone 13 Could Come With Support For Faster Charging Speeds
These days, Android phones are coming with some pretty insane charging speeds. Take the recently announced OnePlus Nord  2, where despite it being a budget phone, it still supports the company’s 65W Warp Charge technology. This is versus Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 which only supports speeds up to 20W.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G Officially Launched
Back in 2020, OnePlus went back to their budget roots and launched the OnePlus Nord. Now fast forward to today, it looks like OnePlus is back with their new budget smartphone, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G, the successor to last year’s model with some obviously upgraded hardware and new features.