WhatsApp Users Will Lose Access To Features If They Don’t Accept New Privacy Policy
As many of you have heard by now, WhatsApp has a new privacy policy that they are hoping that its users will accept. So, the question is, what will happen if you don’t? There have been rumors suggesting that WhatsApp will delete those accounts, which the company has since refuted in an updated support document spotted by Gizmodo.

OnePlus Launches Clipt, Its Universal Clipboard Tool
One of the advantages of buying into the Apple ecosystem is that you get to take advantage of features like a universal clipboard, where you can copy an item on your iPhone and paste it onto your iPad, and vice versa. The good news is that if you don’t buy into the Apple ecosystem, OnePlus has a solution for you.

Samsung’s Foldable Phones Are Set For An August Launch
We have been hearing rumors that Samsung has a couple of new foldable phones in the works. One of those devices is the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip, and the other being the successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. So the question is, when will Samsung be officially announcing these new phones?

Vivo Promises Three Years Of Android Updates For Its Flagships
The problem with Android phones is that usually after two years, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not your phone will be receiving future updates. Sometimes you get lucky and your phone is updated for three years, sometimes you don’t, so it’s really a mixed bag, but Vivo wants to reassure their customers moving forwards.


Murder Suspect Allegedly Used An iPhone To Track His Victim
If you’ve ever lost your iPhone, then you know that you can easily find it using Apple’s Find My app. While this is obviously meant to be a good thing, it seems that it can also be used for bad things, such as the case where over in Florida, a murder suspect was thought to have used an iPhone to track his victim.

96% Of iOS Users Have Opted Out Of App Tracking
Just recently, Apple released the iOS 14.5 update. With the update, Apple has introduced App Tracking Transparency which basically gives users the choice of whether or not they want apps to be able to track them. The feature was actually announced back in 2020 and some companies, such as Facebook, felt that this would be detrimental.

Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over Exploding iPhone 6 Battery
While there is a lot of research being done on battery technology to make them safer and longer lasting, for the most part, our mobile devices continue to use lithium-ion as its battery. While lithium-ion batteries are generally safe, they do have the tendency to explode if not treated properly, such as taking hard hits or using unofficial accessories to charge it with.

This Could Be Our First Look At The iPhone 13 Pro Max
Later on this year, we can expect Apple to launch their brand new iPhones, which right now are being referred to as the iPhone 13. Part of the lineup is also expected to include the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the top of the line model and the best iPhone 13 that money can buy, but what could it look like?

Huawei’s Mate X2 Surprisingly Survives When Folded In The Opposite Direction
Foldable phones from a technological point of view are impressive. However, there is a bit of concern regarding durability, namely the display which isn’t as rigid compared to more traditional displays. This is because in order to be flexible, a different type of material is used, which also makes it slightly more susceptible to scratches and dents.

Samsung Expected To Supply Apple With iPhone Component To Enable 120Hz Refresh Rates
If the rumors are to be believed, this year’s iPhone could finally see Apple introduce an iPhone with a 120Hz refresh rate. This is a big deal considering that many iPhone competitors in the Android space have managed to achieve this feat years ago. Now adding fuel to the fire is a new report claiming that Samsung will be supplying Apple with a component of the display.

Phil Schiller Once Suggested Apple Reduce Their App Store Fees
Apple’s current fee for its App Store is 30% of whatever the developers make from the sale of their apps or sales made through in-app purchases. This is an area of contention in the lawsuit against Epic, where Epic and other app developers and companies feel that the 30% that Apple takes is too much.

Apple’s First Foldable Phone Could Be A Success
Earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a rather bold claim in which he stated that he believed that based on his sources, Apple could start selling its first ever foldable iPhone in 2023. Now according to Kuo, he seems to think that Apple’s first attempt at a foldable smartphone could actually be a success.

8-inch Foldable iPhone Expected In 2023
There have been rumors circulating for a while now that Apple could be working on a foldable iPhone. It is an interesting rumor since it sounds like Apple wants to hop on the bandwagon that Samsung had created, even though foldable phones still aren’t quite mainstream yet. Now it looks like we might have a date for the device.

Google Is Trying To Clamp Down On Misleading Apps In The Play Store
An app listed in the Google Play Store should ideally just have its name. However, some developers have become a bit more creative in the way they name and list their apps, where they might use graphics in the app’s logo or emojis in the text to suggest that an app is “better” than the rest.

Facebook And Instagram Are Encouraging iOS Users To Enable App Tracking
With the release of iOS 14.5, Apple has introduced its App Tracking Transparency feature that basically gives users the option of whether or not they want an app to be able to track them. It doesn’t kill tracking completely, but rather it puts the choice in the hands of users, which is a good thing as far as privacy is concerned.

EU Has Charged Apple With Antitrust Violation Over App Store Cut
It is common knowledge and practice that digital storefronts take a cut from sales made through its platform. For example, apps sold through Apple’s App Store are subject to a 30% cut which goes to Apple. This also applies to in-app purchases. However, while it might be common practice, not everyone is necessarily happy about it.

Microsoft Edge Will Soon Let You Send Tabs From Your PC To Android
One of the features of Google’s Chrome browser is that you can send pages from your computer to your phone. This is useful if you have a website you were reading halfway and want to continue to read on your mobile device. Now it looks like Microsoft’s Edge browser will let you do the same with browser tabs.

Latest WhatsApp Beta Introduces New Chat Import Feature
One of the problems with using iOS and migrating to Android is that if you use WhatsApp heavily, you won’t be able to export and import your chat history without having to pay and use third-party tools, something that’s actually against WhatsApp’s policy. However, that could change soon.

Apple Tried To Help Adobe Bring Flash Onto iOS
Apple’s mobile devices have never supported Adobe Flash. In fact, it was one of the marketing strategies that Apple’s competitors used to use against the company back in the day. However, given where we are now with Flash, we suppose it all kind of worked out in the end, but it turns out that somewhere along the way, Apple had tried to help Adobe out.

Apple Exec Eddy Cue Wanted To Bring iMessage Onto Android
During the legal proceedings in the Epic VS Apple case, it was revealed that Apple had rejected the idea of bringing iMessage to Android. According to the emails sent amongst Apple executives, the idea of iMessage on Android would essentially remove one more reason that customers should buy an iPhone over Android.