New Images Of The Google Pixel 3 XL Leaked

We have been seeing various Pixel leaks for a while now, and thanks to a post on Twitter by user Ishan Agarwal, it seems that we have more Google Pixel 3 XL photos that we can check out to get an idea of what the phone could look like in real life, so take a look below if you’re curious.

YouTube Music For Android Rolls Out Audio Quality Controls

If you’re using YouTube Music on your Android smartphone and would like to be able to better control the audio quality when you’re streaming or downloading, then you might be pleased to learn that YouTube Music for Android has started to roll out an update that will be introducing quality controls for users.

Belkin Unveils New Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock For The iPhone & Apple Watch

At this point in time, it is really anyone’s guess as to when Apple will launch the AirPower charging mat, or rather if they plan to do so after hearing reports about it facing various technical hurdles. However thankfully for iPhone users seeking alternatives, Belkin is more than happy to oblige.

Huawei Trolls iPhone Customers Lining Up By Giving Out Free Power Banks

Whenever there is a new iPhone being launched, it’s not uncommon to see Samsung attempt to troll Apple and its customers. However this year it seems that Huawei has picked up trolling duties because according to reports, the company has embarked on various PR stunts in the UK and Singapore to troll Apple customers waiting in line for the new iPhones.


Android 9.0 Pie Now Available For The OnePlus 6

The problem with Android updates is that sometimes Android handset makers can be a bit slow about releasing them. However the good news is that if you’re a OnePlus 6 owner, it seems like the company did not take long to release the update for the phone, which is now available roughly after a month of its official release.

CAT’s B35 Is A Rugged Phone With Google Assistant

In this day and age, choosing a phone means either choosing between iOS or Android. This is because we are in the age of smartphones which means that feature phones are pretty much no longer thought about. However CAT seems to think that there is still a demand for such devices, and has since announced the CAT B35.

Bing For The Web Now Supports Google’s AMP

Google’s AMP is slowly making its rounds on the web on mobile devices where users browsing Google Search can find articles that “instantly” load. However for the most part it does require users to use Google Search in order to take advantage of it, but now according to Microsoft, they have announced that Bing will also support it.

Nomad Unveils New Wireless Charging Base Station

As much as many iPhone users are probably looking forward to seeing the launch of Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat, last we heard it might be a while until we see it, if at all. However if you are looking for wireless chargers, then you might be interested to learn that Nomad might have something for you.

HMD Global Announces Event For October 4

In recent times we have been hearing rumors that new Nokia phones could be in the works. For example there is that penta-lens Nokia smartphone that has been leaked multiple times, and last we heard there were also rumors that Nokia could have a gaming smartphone in the works (assuming these two devices aren’t one and the same).

AirPower Referenced In iPhone Xs Packaging & iOS 12.1 Code

Many are wondering what will happen to the AirPower wireless charging pad from Apple. It was expected to be officially launched at Apple’s iPhone event last week, but that clearly did not happen. In fact mentions of the AirPower accessory were subsequently removed from Apple’s website, and was followed by reports claiming that the device was “doomed” as it was plagued by all kinds of technical problems.

Nintendo Switch’s App Updated With Voice Chat Support For More Games

The Nintendo Switch is a rather unique console which we reckon helped it achieve some of the success it’s had since its launch. Nintendo made some interesting decisions about the console, one of which is how voice chat is supported where users need to use a smartphone app in order to chat with friends.

iPhone XR Will Use Algorithms To Achieve Bokeh Effects For Its Photos

While the iPhone Xs and Xs Max continue to employ the use of the dual camera setup, the cheaper iPhone XR will be using a single camera. We’re sure many are wondering if the single camera will be capable of capturing the same bokeh-like effects compared to dual camera handsets.

Apple Is Giving Its iPhone Users A ‘Trust Score’

Given that there are millions of iPhone users out there, how does one differentiate the “good” from the “bad”? In a bid to help prevent fraudulent purchases from the iTunes Store or fraudulent activity in general, it seems that Apple has decided to roll out a “trust score” rating for iOS users.

Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD Is Coming Soon

With more handset makers ditching the headphone jack, what many have opted to do is instead bundle USB-C to 3.5mm adapters with their phones. However Essential decided to do something else, as you might recall, because earlier this year the company announced that they would be launching the Audio Adapter HD attachment.