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Intel has just announced a new line of processors dedicated to the ultra-thin market. This consists in 6 processors (CPUs) from low-end with the Celeron U3400 to the high-end Core i7-660UM. Because all these processors are ultra-low voltage, or ULV as Intel call it. According to Intel, All processors and accompanying chips (graphics, IO…) should be capable of handling media, even the low-end ones. The Core ix Series still feature Turbo Boost, Intel’s automatic overclocking capabilities that increases the frequency of the CPU when needed. Overall, Intel announces performance improvements between 35% and 100% over previous CPUs for ultra-thin computers (depending on the task). Intel has also improved the chip packaging size and the thermal dissipation to enable thinner designs. With this update, Intel aims at improving a slew of features for this class of laptop: battery life, performance, weight & size. As usual with new Intel launches, expect a new wave of announcements next month by PC makers.

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