Computex is without a doubt a big show for Intel, and they have not disappointed: the chipmaker is showing this ultra-thin Netbook concept in Taiwan. It is amazingly (if not “magically”) thin and features the latest Atom for Netbooks on a platform that uses DDR3 memory. If this thing has agood (7-10hrs) battery life, it will a awesome gadget to take for a ride. The concept has been done entirely by Intel, we suppose to show what’s possible to do with Atom,and to inspire PC makers (I’m sending a request for a chiclet keyboard). Wow! just wow. The last time that Intel did this, the Voodoo Envy 13 came out as a product, so keep your eyes open.

Intel is also showing a cool-looking tablet (photo in the full post) equipped with an Atom processor,a webcamand… a USB port (wink, wink). Expect an avalanche of Tablets from Computex, but the question is: what’s the battery life and how will the experience be? More details to come, come back later.

Intel shows uber-thin and tablets Netbook at Computex

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