HP Pavilion DM3 13.3 inch laptop
HP Pavilion DM3 13.3 inch laptop

The new HP DM3 13.3″ laptop has just been announced. The first visible improvement is the use of Aluminum on the on the palm rest area and around the “user-area” in general. When it is opened, the laptop looks very sleek and feels solidly built. From the outside, it has a magnesium skin that is not fingerprint-prone but makes it look like a regular laptop. The trackpad is big and smooth (not yet glass-smooth) and the “click” of the trackpad button was sharp and required only light pressure – this is very decent (you’d be surprised by how bad some trackpads are…). The keyboard is *finally* backlit (yay!) and if you are cost-conscious, this is an optional upgrade (that I recommend most people to take – this is so useful). At 4lbs, it is a good compromise between portability, quality and pricing for a computer that size.

Inside, the DM3 is powered by a Pentium U5400 at 1.2Ghz. While this will not beat a Core i3 in performance, it allows for a better battery life, and HP claims that its 6-Cell battery can hold for 7.5 hours in a standard battery drainage test. Finally, HP has loaded the DM3 with HP CoolSense, a software that lets users choose between a very cool but slightly noisier, or a super-quiet but slightly warmer, computer. Overall, the DM3 is a great computer for those who want productivity and portability over pure performance.

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