Panasonic Relax Chair Yasumi soothes away the day's stress

It can get pretty stressful at the office these days, and Panasonic aims to remedy the situation when you reach home from the office with their Relax Chair Yasumi. This unique self-rocking piece of furniture is touted to transport you into a world of well-being, boasting gentle rocking movements and soothing music that might just send some of its users into dreamland after a while. Power nappers will appreciate it as well, with the Refresh program on the chair taking all of 20 minutes of your time, but you will be more than ready to face the second half of the day later on. For those with more time to chill, the Comfort Program will last up to a couple of hours, where you can then watch movies, read a book or relax while enjoying the chair’s rhythmic oscillations. If it is going to see much use, we would highly recommend picking the black color over white since it will require less upkeep (out of sight dirt means out of mind).

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