Lexmark Genesis: Fast and Wireless Web-Connected AIO Inkjet

The new Lexmark Genesis, based on last year Lexmark inkjet AIO web-connected design, features a unique “vertical design” and an innovative Flash Scan camera technology boasting a 10 megapixel sensor that delivers a super fast scanning and printing speed (I saw the demo, impressive): in a few seconds, you get a document scanned and printed.

Lexmark Genesis: Fast and Wireless Web-Connected AIO Inkjet

You operate the Genesis using the 4.3 color touchscreen where you can see a document preview and launch the Lexmark’s SmartSolutions: stamp.com, Box.net , scan and upload to Evernote, print your itineraries from Trip It. By clicking on the Twitter icon, you can read your feed on the screen but not print it, the Facebook app will be available next month, it will allow users to read their walls and print their pictures directly from their Facebook albums. Thanks to its Wireless-N connectivity, you can print documents from your computer or your Wi-Fi enabled phone – no more cables, yeah!

Lexmark Genesis will be available early next year for $399 in the US and Canada. The complete list of features is available on the online pdf hereand you cancheck out the product page here.

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