The Minitronics: Survival Pack

Some people can’t go on trips without their makeup kit and some people need to bring along a first-aid kit. What about people who care more about electronics than how much their skin is going to glow or whether or not they have alcoholic swabs to clean wounds? What if there’s an ancient Atari box just begging to be fixed? Or a vintage stereo system that is missing a couple of transistors? Enter The Mintronics: Survival Pack. This survival kit for the engineers in some of us comes jam packed with chips, circuitry, regulators, capacitors, resistors – basically whatever you can think of that would be handy in times of an electrical emergency – all in one compact box shaped like it’s supposed to hold mints instead. For only $20 this whole set of circuitry can be yours – never get stranded without spare circuitry ever again! Just head here for more details on what’s contained in the set if you’re interested in purchasing it.

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