Android IntelSince Intel won’t be releasing anymore tablets with Nokia’s MeeGo and Windows 8 (rumored to be optimized for tablets and running on ARM processors) won’t be arriving anytime soon, it looks like the processor manufacturer will be re-entering the tablet market segment this year through an alternative path – by working with Google’s operating system: Android.

Some reports have pegged the processor manufacturer down to announce the release of Intel Android tablets sometime later this year. Their plan, named PRC Plus, will see Intel introducing Android 3.0 running on tablets powered by their processors. With Intel’s CEO announcing that they received the Honeycomb source code when they announced their first-quarter 2011 financial results, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Intel x86 processors have been known to outperform their rival ARM chips when it comes to processing power, but Intel hasn’t been able to scale down the technology to make it work with a lower power consumption rate yet – one of the key advantages ARM chips have over Intel’s own chips. But this year things could change, especially since Intel recently launched their Oak Trail processors.

Other than the fact that the tablets will be running on Honeycomb, no other details have been mentioned, though we’ll find out official details soon enough. Would you be keen on purchasing Intel-powered Android tablets?

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