Fast forward to the 21st century and you see electricity powering many facets of our lives, and even the humble pair of skates are not spared – thanks to the efforts of Skataz with their quest to partner with investors to build electric skating parks throughout the country. Skataz is a technological leap over its predecessor known as iShoes, where it will be not only smaller but fitting around the shoe closer and making it better to maneuver. Sizes are adjustable to fit most people, and since it can fit into a backpack comfortably, you can be sure toting this around isn’t going to cause you to have a bad back. Other hardware features include a swappable battery, hitting a top speed of 13.5mph on level ground while boasting excellent acceleration thanks to its 350 watt motor and high performance gearbox. Guess when it comes to exercising, even people want to look for shortcuts. Get this only if you aren’t serious about losing weight or burning some fat. Check out a video of someone trying on the Skataz in the extended post.

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