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We’ve all heard plenty of rumors about Amazon planning to release an Android tablet, especially since it’s launched its own app store, cloud media streaming service, and let’s not forget the Kindle app for Android tablets. Now, more rumors have sprouted saying that Amazon will be releasing more than just a tablet – apparently they’ll be releasing a whole family of Android devices including a smartphone as well.

The rumors started with a tip from an Android and Me source who is supposedly an industry insider with direct knowledge of the project. Apparently it has also been verified by other anonymous sources as well.

The tablets are said to come in different sizes, to compete against the smaller and larger tablets available on the market. They are also touted to sport low-power displays that can be read outdoors, and these displays will help them stand out from the crowd – as we all know, Android smartphones and tablets aren’t exactly known for their long battery life.

As for the rumors about the Amazon smartphone – they have an app store that is full of apps designed for 4″ screens. It only makes sense that they will release a device to cater to those apps.

Well it certainly makes sense that Amazon would be releasing a successor to the Kindle eBook reader in the near future. The fact that they have an Android ecosystem already in place and the Kindle app makes an Android tablet seem so much more likely. Amazon’s ability to put crazy-low prices on their products could also help them break into the market. What do you think of the Amazon tablet? Would you be interested in purchasing one?

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