If you happen to have a teenager in your home who has tons of assignments to print over an inkjet printer, surely you would have realized by now that you have spent a fortune on ink refills, never mind that they are third party solutions which the manufacturer tends to ask us to shun. Well, for those who are no longer warm towards expensive ink and toner cartridges, there might be a way out of this predicament – sign up for a paperless university or school, or look to PretonSaver Home, where the latter promises to reduce such consumable costs by up to 70% – for free, yo!

Too bad this is a Windows-only utility, where it will be able to help your printer save ink thanks to the removal of overlapping pixels from the printed page. This results in a reduction of ink consumption, and is compatible with just about all programs and printers.

Tests have proved that there are savings made when you use PretonSaver Home without any noticeable loss in quality for text and graphics, but when dealing with photo prints alone, PretonSaver images tend to look a bit lighter, but at least it does not sacrifice on sharpness.

No idea on just how far such programs will go in this day and age. I suppose in such tough economic times, it makes perfect sense to do whatever you can to help you save and scrimp for a brighter tomorrow.

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