Tesla Solar Systems Will Now Cost Up To 20% Less

Tesla Energy has confirmed that its solar systems for homes will now be up to 20 percent cheaper. These systems were previously offered by SolarCity which was acquired by Tesla. It’s now Tesla Energy and the company sells its products through the electric car maker’s network of retail stores as well. SolarCity was the largest U.S. residential solar company at the time of its acquisition two years ago.

Criterion Launching Streaming Service For Classic Films Next Year

Even though FilmStruck is going to shut down on November 29th, Criterion will not be shutting down its streaming channel. The company has confirmed that it will continue to entertain viewers as an independent streaming service due to be launched at some point in the spring of 2019.

Tumblr App Disappears From The iOS App Store

Tumblr is a popular platform for those who are looking to blog, look up funny images, GIFs, and so on. However it is also a place where quite a number of NSFW posts exists, and it has since been speculated that could have been one of the reasons why the app has since disappeared from the iOS App Store.

Security Flaw Discovered In Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ Tool

Earlier this year, Instagram launched a new feature that would allow users to download their data. Basically the idea behind this feature is that it lets users download all their data that they’ve published to Instagram, such as photos, videos, profile information, and more, where you can use that as a backup tool in case your account gets hacked or stolen.


YouTube Starts Offering Ad-Supported Movies On Its Platform

Want to watch a full-length movie or series on YouTube? If you do, you’d have to pay for it via various subscription programs that YouTube offers. However since such programs such as YouTube Originals and YouTube TV aren’t available globally yet, it means that there are many users out there who are potentially missing out.

Facebook Patent Uses Your Family Photos For Targeted Advertising

Just like Google, Facebook uses target advertising to help deliver ads to users that it thinks might be relevant to them. However it seems that there is a potential that in the future, Facebook could come up with more types of targeted ads based on your family photos in which it tries to determine your demographic to come up with suited ads.

Nintendo Switch eShop Gets New Search Filters

The Nintendo Switch, just like the PS4 and Xbox One, offers gamers the option to purchase their games in either physical format or digital. However its eShop does leave a lot to be desired, especially in terms of discovery and search, but thankfully that appears to change with the latest update to the game.

Facebook Testing A ‘Watch Together’ Feature For Messenger

We’ve all shared links to videos with our friends before, but if you want to be able to watch a video with your friends at the same time, even if you aren’t in the same room, it looks like Facebook is trying to bring that feature to its Messenger platform. This feature was initiated spotted in the app’s codebase by Ananay Arora.

AI Used To Create Synthetic Fingerprints, Fools Biometric Scanners

Fingerprint scanners have become pretty commonplace for use on smartphones and in some cases, even laptops. Given that we all have unique fingerprints, it makes sense that fingerprints are used as a form of biometric security, but unfortunately it seems that it might not be as secure as we think anymore.

‘Devil May Cry’ Animated Series Confirmed

Last month, the producer behind Netflix’s Castlevania animated series Adi Shankar posted on Instagram that he would be working with an “iconic Japanese gaming company” to adapt an “iconic video game series” into an animated series. This led to speculation that Shankar could be working on a Legend of Zelda animated series.

Google Releases ‘Age Of Sail’ Film In VR

Virtual reality (VR) is expected to be one of the futures of entertainment. Google themselves have been dabbling in the technology and to showcase how VR can be enjoyed, Google Spotlight Stories has since released a new film for VR called “Age of Sail”. The short is directed by Academy Award winner John Kahrs who also behind the popular Disney Paperman short.

YouTube For Desktop Gets An Updated Fullscreen Mode

If you wanted to watch a YouTube video and check the comments at the same time, you couldn’t, at least back in the day. However it appears that YouTube has since updated its desktop platform where when you fullscreen a video, you can actually continue scrolling down to the comments section and also see suggested videos on the side.

Chromecasts Get Speaker Group Support On Google Home

These days we’re starting to see companies create connected speakers with support for multi-room audio. Being able to group these speakers and control them in a group makes a lot of sense, but for some reason, Google would not allow Chromecasts could not be grouped together, at least until now.

Apple Debuts A New Redesigned Online Refurbished Store

Apple’s products have never been referred to as cheap. However if for whatever reason you must own an Apple product, then chances are you might already be familiar with the fact that Apple sells refurbished products on its website. In fact the company has recently launched a redesigned online refurbished store.