SpaceX’s Moon Mission Will Be Live Streamed In VR

SpaceX recently confirmed more details about its Moon mission that’s planned for 2023. It also revealed the identity of the company’s first paying passenger for the trip around the moon who will be accompanied by eight artists on the trip as well. If you’re not one of those people, don’t worry, you will be able to experience the entire mission in virtual reality.

Toyota Might Finally Support Android Auto

Many car manufacturers have added support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Toyota is one of the few manufacturers that haven’t opened up to Google’s in-car platform as yet even though it does support Apple CarPlay. Google may soon get some love from Toyota as a new report mentions that the Japanese auto giant will finally add support for Android Auto.

Telltale Games Confirms Major Layoffs At The Studio

Telltale Games is a unique gaming studio in which a lot of their work seems to focus on narrative-style games. They are also known for titles such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us 2, and Stranger Things. Unfortunately it seems like the future of those titles are in jeopardy as it looks like the studio could be winding things down.

Google Working On Dark Mode For Chrome, But Only For macOS

Dark mode is something that we’re starting to see more these days as options within apps and services. For example YouTube has a dark mode for both the desktop and mobile app, and now it looks like Google Chrome could soon be getting the same treatment. However the catch is that for now, it appears that dark mode for Chrome could be a macOS-only feature.


First Look At Joaquin Phoenix In His Joker Makeup

It was previously confirmed that Warner Bros. was developing a standalone Joker movie that would explore the origins of the character. It was also reported that actor Joaquin Phoenix would be starring in the titular role, and now thanks to the movie’s director Todd Philips, we have caught a glimpse as to what Phoenix could look like in the movie.

Walmart Uses Oculus Go To Train Its Staff

Walmart started out as your traditional retailer, relying on its brick and mortar stores to sell its goods to customers. However over the years as technology started to afford shoppers different ways of shopping, we’ve seen Walmart start to adapt its operations accordingly, whether it be turning to companies like Uber and Lyft for deliveries, or adopting the use of machines in place of cashiers.

Bing For The Web Now Supports Google’s AMP

Google’s AMP is slowly making its rounds on the web on mobile devices where users browsing Google Search can find articles that “instantly” load. However for the most part it does require users to use Google Search in order to take advantage of it, but now according to Microsoft, they have announced that Bing will also support it.

Instagram Now Lets Users Send GIFs In Direct

While emojis are a good way of expressing your feelings without words, sometimes they aren’t enough and that’s where GIFs come in handy, where you can share your feeling and thoughts in fun and animated ways. For those who use Instagram and would like to see GIF support, you’re in luck, sort of.

Alexa Will Support Skype Calling Later This Year

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices allow users to do all kind of things, ranging from making appointments, setting reminders, checking the news, weather, traffic, and controlling smart home gadgets, just to name a few. However if VoIP calls are something you’d like to see Alexa do, then you might be pleased to learn that Skype calls will be supported by Alexa soon.

Twitch Appears To Have Been Blocked In China

China’s internet censorship laws and practices are pretty well-known, and it looks like Amazon’s Twitch live streaming platform is its latest victim. In a report from Abacus, it appears that Twitch has been blocked from China, and its mobile app has also disappeared from Apple’s App Store suggesting that this isn’t some kind of glitch or accident.

Instagram Testing New Hashtags & Geofencing Features

Whenever you come across an Instagram post, sometimes it can look messy as it has been peppered with a ton of hashtags in a bid to try and get the post to reach as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps in a bid to clean things up, it has been discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong that Instagram is testing a way to hide hashtags in captions.

Third Season Of Marvel’s Daredevil Launches On Netflix October 19

Last month it was confirmed that Daredevil would be returning for a third season onto Netflix this year. For those wondering when exactly, you might be pleased to learn that you won’t need to wait much longer as Netflix has since confirmed that the third season will be released on the 19th of October.

New Veronica Mars Season Will Premiere On Hulu In 2019

Veronica Mars, a show that refuses to die, is coming back. It has been confirmed today that a new Veronica Mars season will premiere on Hulu next year as the show has been picked up by the streaming service. It was first reported back in August that Hulu was working to revive the show.

Spotify Allowing Artists To Upload Their Music Directly

Spotify is making it easier for independent artists to upload their music to the world’s most popular music streaming service. They will be able to upload their music directly to Spotify, thus eliminating the need for them to go through a label or digital aggregator. This feature is currently available in beta.