Tynker Junior Uses Games To Help Kids Understand Coding Fundamentals

There are multiple programming languages out there today depending on which platform you are coding on. However underlying all those languages is a fundamental concept which involves being able to understand problem solving, and that’s what Tynker is hoping to impart with its new app Tynker Junior.

Google Pledges Not To Sell Its Facial Recognition Technology (For Now)

Companies like Google have developed a variety of hi-tech tools, and just like tool like a hammer or a knife, what it can be used for is up to the person using it, although admittedly sometimes certain tools do seem ripe for abuse. So much so that Google has announced that they will be holding off on selling their facial recognition technology.

Amazon Free Holiday Shipping Offer Extended

Amazon announced its free holiday shipping promotion last month. It waived the minimum purchase requirement for an order to qualify for free shipping for those who are not subscribed to Prime. Customers in the United States normally have to spend $25 to qualify for free standard shipping. This requirement was waived until December 14th. Amazon has now extended the deadline.

SoftBank May Replace Network Equipment From Huawei

Huawei’s network equipment business appears to be in a bit of pickle these days. Amid growing concerns that the equipment may allow the Chinese government to carry out spying operations, mobile carriers in a couple of countries have decided against sourcing them from Huawei. A new report claims that Japan’s SoftBank is now considering replacing the Huawei equipment on its network.


NASA’s InSight Lander Sends A Selfie From Mars

NASA InSight lander’s selfie game is literally out of this world. It recently arrived on the Red Planet and to prove that it is indeed chilling up there on Mars, it has sent a selfie which shows the lander in all its glory. The image was posted on NASA’s official Twitter account.

Scientists Will Soon Drill Into An Ancient Antarctic Lake

Lake Mercer is a subglacial body of water that is believed to have formed thousands of years ago. It’s beneath 4,000 of Antarctic ice and is without a doubt one of the most isolated lakes on this planet. Scientists will soon be drilling into it so that they can explore this ancient lake and its contents as part of a project called Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access or SALSA.

YouTube’s Rewind 2018 Is The Most Disliked Video Ever

Throughout the year, there are various videos that manage to achieve iconic status or have gone viral, and this is pretty much what YouTube tries to highlight with their “Rewind” videos that showcases some of the biggest and most popular videos of the year. Unfortunately it seems that for the company’s Rewind 2018 video, it has managed to end up being the most disliked video on YouTube ever.

Netflix Testing Instant Scene-Replay Feature

Scrubbing on Netflix isn’t quite as easy compared to using apps such as VLC. This is because Netflix is streamed which means that when you try to scrub, it will need to pull that data from that particular point in the stream, and depending on your connection, could either be a fast or slow experience.

Google CEO Admits Fears Surrounding AI Are ‘Very Legitimate’

AI in theory sounds great. A computer that can think for you and anticipate your needs and detect things that humans might otherwise miss, sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? However from what we have seen in the movies, a computer thinking for itself could lead to bad things, and these are some of the fears that some in the tech industry have talked about.

Amazon Is Now Officially Selling The Google Chromecast Again

Amazon and Google are amongst the biggest tech companies in the world right now, so it’s not surprising that they see each other as rivals. In fact both companies kind of traded blows with one another when Google decided to pull YouTube from Amazon’s Echo devices, which later resulted in Amazon taking some of Google’s products down from its website.

Amazon’s Cashierless Stores Find A New Home In Office Lobbies

There are several office buildings in which their lobbies might play home to small shops or stalls, like a coffee vendor, a small cafe, a place to grab a sandwich or a bagel, and so on. It seems that these locations might also be ripe for Amazon Go, the company’s attempt to revolutionize the grocery shopping experience by removing the need for cashiers.

Google Play Now Makes Making Donations Easier

If you’ve ever wanted to make a donation, there are various ways to go about doing that. Now it seems that Google is trying to make that process a bit easier by launching a donation hub on Google Play. This means that users will be able to quickly and easily make their donations to various charities of their choice all from one location.

Taylor Swift Concert Used Facial Recognition To Track Her Stalkers

Celebrities as high-profile as Taylor Swift are bound to have stalkers. Of course to what extent these stalkers do is anyone’s guess, but obviously it’s not a good thing. For the most part celebrities typically keep bodyguards to help keep them safe, but Taylor Swift might have employed more hi-tech levels of protection.

‘The Defenders’ Won’t Be Appearing On Disney+ Anytime Soon

Iron Fist was canceled. Luke Cage was cancelled. Daredevil was cancelled, and we wouldn’t be surprised if The Punisher and Jessica Jones were eventually cancelled as well based on the way things are going at Netflix. Now given how well-received some of the shows were, we wouldn’t be surprised if Disney wanted in on the action as well for their Disney+ streaming service.