The iPhone 4 is not alone in terms of the classic death grip syndrome, where the signal drops suddenly to nothing when you hold the handset in a certain way, perhaps due to how the device is engineered. It is the HTC Sensation’s turn now, as Nordic Hardwares tests have pointed towards the HTC Sensation suffering from a similar fate, but this one goes a step further – it will also affect both Bluetooth connectivity as well as Wi-Fi.

The area of problem? Its back cover, as the Sensation lacks a true unibody design unlike HTC’s claims, but will instead rely on a relatively large removable battery cover that is mostly prefabricated out of metal, complete with plastic areas that function as antennas. These pieces will experience a noticeable drop in performance whenever your hand covers it, especially affecting both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios.

If you view the video below, if the HTC Sensation remains flat on your palm, the Bluetooth audio stream will stutter, while for Wi-Fi connectivity, it will erase weaker hotspots from the list, since the signal strength is no longer capable of penetrating through your hands.

Do you own a HTC Sensation, and how do you think this will change the way you handle the handset, if not would you change your phone to something else?

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