Have you ever encountered people with shoes that smell? Or perhaps you could be one of them? If you know anyone with shoes that smell or you yourself are afflicted by it, here is a new way that can help sanitize your shoes, and get rid of that smell.

The Shuvee is a device that apparently sanitizes shoes, “refreshes” them, kills over 95% of germs and supposedly does all of this in under 1 hour. They look like they can be doubled as a shoe rack even, as pictured above. Anyway, the Shuvee is said to use the same ultraviolet light that hospitals use to sanitize their gear, and with that kind of claim, this has to be some pretty heavy duty stuff!

So all you would have to do is turn it on, stick your shoe onto the device and it apparently activates when it detects the weight of the shoe. It’s said to also expand to accommodate shoes that are wider in width, although we’re not sure what that is supposed to mean. If you know someone with horrible shoe smell, or you want to get this for yourself, then just head on down to Taylor Gifts and order it today. It will set you back $89.98.

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